Pharmacy Personal Statement

My ambition to become a Pharmacist has its inspiration in my family circumstances, my love of science subjects, particularly chemistry, and a real desire to devote my career to working for the welfare of others and making a contribution to the society in which I live.' My father had a Pharmacy in Afghanistan, where I was born and spent the early years of my life, which meant that I quickly became familiar with the Pharmacist's role in the community, and came to understand the sorts of knowledge which are necessary in dispensing drugs and advising people on their medication.' To achieve the academic success demonstrated in my examination results I have had to struggle against considerable obstacles.' The war in Afghanistan meant of course that normal services were disrupted, and my education was incomplete.' When we came to the UK in January 2009 I spoke very little English, but I learnt quickly and made a success of my GCSE and AS courses ' a mark, I believe, of my personal strength and powers of determination.' The Afghan experience also made me aware of the importance of high quality healthcare provision in a civilized society.' Afghanistan is a developing country, and my first-hand contact with poverty has inspired me to devote my working life to serving society through efficient healthcare. I am attracted too by the opportunities offered by Pharmacy to continue learning throughout my career as more and more intractable medical conditions, such as cancer and HIV, come to be controllable through medication.' My particular enthusiasm for chemistry has led to a strong interest in the ways drugs work in the body, and their formulation.' Pharmacy also has the appeal of a profession which offers many different types of employment prospect, from the high street chemist to the hospital Pharmacist, or the research scientist in the Pharmaceutical industry.' My father's career has also shown me how heavy is the burden of responsibility on the Pharmacist, the paramount need for accuracy and careful checking, but I feel more than ready to accept this duty, and I am keen to join a respected profession which has a key role in the community.

A work experience placement in an ASDA Pharmacy taught me much about modern medicines and about the day-to-day life of the Pharmacist.' I learnt about the standard operating procedures in the Pharmacy, about dispensing, and the notion of controlled drugs.' I was struck by noting that in many cases people come to the Pharmacist rather than going to their GP, so that the Pharmacy is often the first healthcare contact they make if they are concerned about something.' This demonstrated very clearly the responsibility carried by the Pharmacist, as well as the all-important role of good communication between professional and patient.' I gained experience of customer care and how GPs prescribe drugs, and, most important for me, began to feel how the NHS works at community level.

My international background means that I have four languages.' My mother tongue is Pashto and I am also fluent in Dari (Persian), Urdu (which I learnt when we lived in Pakistan) and English.' I believe that this could be a considerable asset when working in an increasingly multicultural environment.' At College I am an elected Tutor Representative, conveying the concerns of my tutor group to College meetings, which has trained me in listening to others and understanding their problems, as well as acting as a leader and working on their behalf.

I am keen to keep myself fit and attend a gym as well as playing football in my spare time.' I am hard-working and very determined in everything I undertake to do, always seeking improvement in my own performance and setting myself the very highest standards.' I am patient, have a strong sense of responsibility, and am meticulous about detail and accuracy.' My commitment to helping others is total, and I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful Pharmacist.

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