Economics Personal Statement

Communicating complex economic principles to the widest possible audience has become more and more important as the process of globalisation continues. The interconnected nature of the globalised economy means that events in distant corners of the world can impact on each of our daily lives. It is my goal to spread awareness of this impact, beyond simply those people whose job it is to be concerned, through high-quality economic journalism. Gaining an understanding the media's response to the process of globalisation and the effects of globalisation on the industry itself, through undertaking this unique course, will allow me to successfully negotiate this complex relationship. I have always approached academic study with a positive attitude, enjoying the process and transforming this enjoyment into hard work. I have been lucky enough to find academic opportunities to explore my interest in both the media and business and believe that I have a strong grounding in the principles of both disciplines. I am acutely aware that studying in the UK will present a series of challenges, particularly as I am the first member of my family to do so, and I have worked hard to mediate these prior to beginning my studies. I am studying towards an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test that I will be taking in March and I believe that I will achieve a high grade in the 6.5 to 7.0 range. I also believe that studying transnational media in what will be, for me, an international context will offer an opportunity to confront many of the ideas that the course investigates in a practical, rather than a simply theoretical, sense.

Alongside my previous academic study I have also been lucky enough to gain work experience that has offered the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge that will help me throughout postgraduate study. During three separate internships with Zhengzou Sanyuan Landscpaing Engineering Company I undertook work in their publicity and advertising departments. This not only allowed me to witness and take part in the creative work in which these departments are involved but also the more practical, logistical aspects of the job, such as building relationships with various media outlets. I also gained a sense of the broader processes of business through an internship in the accounting department. I believe that it was my experiences with this company sparked my long-held interest in business journalism.

Outside of academia I have also pursued extra-curricular activities that have allowed for the development of these interests. Using the skills learnt at Zhengzou Sanyuan, as a member of my university student council's propaganda and publicity departments I have been responsible for organising a range of activities that promote and educate. Thanks to my commitment to these duties I was eventually entrusted with the position of Vice Minister of the publicity department and I found the challenge of living up to this level of responsibility extremely rewarding. It is the qualities that I learnt through this role that have assisted me in performing in my current role as a voluntary member of the Zhengzou Fire Department.

In my spare time I like to pursue my interests in both media and business by keeping up to date with current affairs. I regularly read the Financial Times and would love to write for them one day. Being lucky enough to know several family friends who involved in the media I also enjoy discussing their work with them and trying to gain an idea of the various aspects that make up the interconnected whole.

I believe that both my academic track record and my work experience demonstrate that I am a hardworking and dedicated student with a clear idea of where both my strengths and my interests lie. I believe that, given the opportunity, I could apply these strengths to achieve success in future study and beyond.

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