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Personal Statement Service offers a first-class personal statement writing, drafting and editing service to assist with entry into UK Universities. The leading provider for undergraduate, post-graduate, Master’s and PhD courses, including Oxbridge, get in touch today for help with your application. 

Hot Competition

UK universities have an excellent international reputation, so the application process is very competitive, particularly at the élite group of universities known as the Russell Group (You can find a list of them on the internet).  It means that trying to secure a place at a good university is very challenging for UK students. If you are applying from abroad, whether it is for an undergraduate or a postgraduate course, you may feel overwhelmed and in need of help and advice.  

What UK universities are looking for

Every university is different and has different requirements, but there are three fundamental aspects that are the same for every application. They will want to see your exam results, they will need a reference from your school, employer or tutor that knows a lot about you, and they need a personal statement, describing yourself, your skills, your relevant experiences, and why you want to study your subject.

How can I write my personal statement?

The personal statement is extremely important, and many students worry about writing it. Few of them are confident about what to put in it and how to compose it. It is just as a difficult for UK students as it is for those from overseas.  Most students seek help from someone, often a parent, a teacher or someone else who has been through the process.

Help is at hand

This is where the Personal Statement Service comes in.  If you get help from us, you can be certain that your statement will be of the highest quality and will cover everything the university admissions team want to know about you.  You provide us with the information we need, and then one of our professional writers, who have spent years advising students on how to write their statements, will put things together for you. They will write your statement so that you stand out from the other candidates who are competing for the university place you want. 

You work with us

We write your statement for you, but we don’t invent anything.  We ask you to send us information in a form which includes several questions, such as: ‘What has motivated you to apply for this course?’ ‘What relevant work experience do you have’ (particularly important in subjects such as Medicine or Dentistry)? ‘What are your extracurricular interests’ (the chance to let the university know what you have achieved that is not covered by the school curriculum)? and ‘Have you done any wider reading about your chosen subject?’  Your allocated writer then produces a statement that uses the best information from your form and writes it in an accurate and persuasive way, so that you are presented to the university as an impressive student who really deserves a place.  

Our various services

We have three different services to suit your needs.  If you write your own personal statement we can edit it for you and advise on any changes that need to be made. We also refine the English for you, making it more fluent which is easy and impressive to read (the “Gold” service).  We also offer the “Platinum” service, where we write your statement using information you provide, and presenting you with a completed piece of work which you can then use or edit yourself.  The “Oxbridge” service is our élite package for those applying for the most competitive courses, allowing you ample time to change and rearrange the material so that you can submitting a statement to the university that is the best possible picture of yourself as a prospective student.

A unique and happy solution

Many students have benefited from our service and are grateful for the support we provide.  Every statement is individually written so there is no chance of plagiarism.  We make your application to a UK university as professional as it can possibly be and give you the assurance that you could not be in safer hands at such an important moment in your life. 

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