It is often difficult to see errors you have made yourself, especially when you have been staring at your UCAS personal statement for days on end. Having a pair of expert eyes to assist you is always beneficial. We offer a unique service so that you can have a personal First-Class university graduate tutor offering advice on how to improve the quality of your personal statement for UCAS. This service ensures that valid points are written succinctly and concisely. We aim to leave you safe in the knowledge that there will be no syntactical or grammatical errors in your personal statement for UCAS and that your personal statement appeals to the university admissions tutors. Applying to university is a very individual process and finding someone whose opinion you trust is difficult. With our personal tutor service it is very easy to add minor points that may have been forgotten, to correct punctuation and polish your personal statement for UCAS in order to ensure it is in accordance with UCAS requirements. Our writers are experts in summarising what you have said in fewer words in order to free up some of the all-important word count for you to promote yourself further. Each personal statement for UCAS we receive is carefully compared to strict and extensive criteria, derived from university admissions information. This service has been designed so that you can present yourself to university admissions tutors in the best possible light. From fixing single spelling mistakes to rewording whole paragraphs, we will critique, edit and polish each line of your personal statement. Your editor will apply the same techniques used to edit books, newspaper articles and other printed publications to your personal statement for UCAS. Your personal editor will also focus on issues specific to writing UCAS personal statements. They will: • Show you how to write a memorable introduction • Ensure that your personal information about yourself and your achievements have been adequately covered by using our personal statement help. • Assess the relevance of the content you have included and make informed and professional judgments on what to expand upon and what to leave out in your personal statement for UCAS • Help you to articulate your strengths, assets and skills so that you sell yourself to the admissions tutor in the best possible way. • Create a solid conclusion, which completes your statement neatly

Oxbridge Personal Statement

Our Elite Personal Statement Service

To provide the best possible statement, our Oxbridge service supplies you with a fully-written or edited personal statement using one of our Oxbridge team who are all professional and experienced writers. This includes a week review period to ensure that your statement is tailored to your exact requirements maximising your first choice success.

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Platinum Personal Statement

Written Personal Statements

Our Platinum service takes the stress and anxiety out of writing your personal statement by producing one for you, based on the information you send us via a questionnaire. Our writers are experts at picking up on details, analysing content and cross-referencing. This means they can produce personal, accurate and quality statements for you.

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Gold Personal Statement

Professional Personal Statement Edits

Our Gold service offers thorough proof-reading and editing of your personal statement draft by professional writers. This means that though we won't write new material, you have complete control over what you want your statement to look like and we can simply polish it, turning it into a grammatically high-quality final version that's ready to send off.

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