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Our services provide personal statements for all undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD courses. We also specialise in Oxbridge, Medical, Dentistry and Teaching applications. For more competitive courses we suggest a senior writer or director.  Every personal statement is original and professional and will help you get your first choice place. We have years of experience in all course and application types and the UK's leading personal statement service. Make sure to consider some of the additional options such as careers questions, letter of recommendations, references and a CV and cover letter to aid your application when checking out in the order cart.


Professional Personal Statement Edits

Our Gold service offers thorough proof-reading and editing of your personal statement draft by professional writers. This means that though we won’t write new material, you have complete control over what you want your statement to look like and we can simply polish it, turning it into a grammatically high-quality final version that’s ready to send off.

This Service Includes:

One-to-one communication with a professional writer who will proof-read and analyse your draft personal statement.

Elimination of all linguistic errors and an editing of sentences and paragraphs to make them more powerful, persuasive and readable.

A fast turnaround time to ensure you meet UCAS and other application deadlines

A one-time edit option within a week of you receiving your edited statement from us.

If you’ve already written a draft of your personal statement, you may well be asking yourself the questions: How do I know whether it’s good enough? And how do I improve it so I can be more confident of getting a place on my course?


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Written Personal Statements

Our Platinum service takes the stress and anxiety out of writing your personal statement by producing one for you, based on the information you send us via a questionnaire. Our writers are experts at picking up on details, analysing content and cross-referencing. This means they can produce personal, accurate and quality statements for you.

This Service Includes:

A bespoke personal statement that clearly sets out your strengths, motivation and achievements to the admissions tutors.

Help from professional writers with considerable experience in creating first-rate personal statements.

A well-written statement based on the details we receive in the simple questionnaire we send to you.

A fast turnaround time to ensure you meet UCAS and other application deadlines

A one-time edit option within a week of receiving your written statement.

Our platinum service is perfect for those who know that they have what it takes to thrive on their chosen course, but who have also been struggling with the personal-statement writing process.


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Our Elite Personal Statement Service

To provide the best possible statement, our Oxbridge service supplies you with a fully-written or edited personal statement using one of our Oxbridge team who are all professional and experienced writers. This includes a week review period to ensure that your statement is tailored to your exact requirements maximising your first choice success.

This Service Includes:

A custom-written personal statement designed specifically to meet the criteria set by admissions tutors of the most exclusive courses and universities.

Our professional writers and subject experts providing a statement that shows that you are a cut above the rest in terms of your achievements, motivation and understanding of your subject.

Turning the personal information we receive from the questionnaire sent to you into a quality statement.

A fast turnaround time to ensure you meet UCAS and other application deadlines.

A week period of unlimited revisions to guarantee an outstanding, tailored statement

Our Oxbridge package is our elite writing service perfect for those applying for competitive courses or just wanting the best chance of getting their first university place.


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Successful Undergraduate Personal Statements for Aspiring Students

Gaining an offer from a higher education course is a highly competitive process. To guarantee a successful outcome, aspiring students need to make an impression through their personal statement. Those taking their first steps into undergraduate study can be confident that we will provide an exceptional level service to support their application by making their statement stand out from the crowd. 

Get professional help for your postgraduate personal statement from our expert team

We specialise in providing a high-quality service to produce exceptional quality postgraduate personal statements for a broad range of programmes, including MBA and PhD applications, across a variety of subjects.

Our dedicated writers are on hand to provide essential support with your UCAS Personal Statement

Applying to university can be daunting so our specialist writers are on hand to provide support for all your UCAS personal statement needs. Be it proof-reading, drafting or writing, we can help take the fear out of your application. 

High quality Dentistry Personal Statement writing from specialists within the industry 

Our team consists of highly skilled writers, with hands-on knowledge of complex areas, including dentistry. Our first-hand experience of the profession means we will provide you with a highly specialised dentistry personal statement to support your application. 

Let our highly experienced Medical Personal Statement writers prepare the perfect statement 

A medical personal statement should display a fine balance between academic credentials and a clear knowledge of the medical profession, whilst highlighting any practical experience you may have within the field. Customers can be confident they will receive a statement that achieves this to the highest quality.  

Allow our team to kick-start your career with an outstanding Teaching Personal Statement or PGCE application. 

Teaching has become a popular calling for many students. Our team is proud to provide you with a high-quality teaching personal statement tailored to help earn you that university place to kickstart your career.

  • I have always been interested in the way people’s minds work and really want to work in this area. But I didn’t really know what the university wanted me to say in my statement. The statement the company produced was very professional and highly informed, as if it had been written by a psychologist!
    — A Jones | Psychology | York
  • I had a huge amount of material I wanted to get into my statement but had no idea what was important and what wasn’t. The company produced a statement for me which used all my key ideas and covered my work experience and my individual abilities. I am sure it made all the difference in my successful application.
    — R Munford | Medicine | Glasgow
  • I find this subject very interesting, dealing as it does with medical ethics, genetics, psychiatry, negligence and so much more. I was very grateful for a very fluent and readable statement which pulled all my ideas together and helped to shape my own ideas for myself as well as presenting me as enthusiastic and focused.
    — J Chilton | Medical Law | KCL
  • I was sure that I had good enough A-level results to study Law, and I had spent time observing in court and seeing what a solicitor’s practice is like. The statement the company gave me pulled all this information together and sounded really professional.
    — J Wyatt | Law | LSE
  • As a mature student who had worked for over 10 years, I came late to making a UCAS application to study for a degree which would allow me to change career pathways and become a social worker. I was very unsure of what I needed to say in my statement and sought help from the company, who wrote a really comprehensive and persuasive piece for me.
    — R.Burleigh | Social Work | Birmingham
  • I loved chemistry at school and have always felt that it is a really important subject for innovation and technology design. The company’s writer did a statement for me that was so accurate and informative that it might have been written by a chemist. Perhaps it was!
    — J.K.Murray | Chemistry | Cardiff
  • Civil Engineering really impresses me with its amazing ability to produce structures that seem to defy gravity and look fantastic. I didn’t know what to say and what to leave out of my statement, but the company solved my problems in a really helpful and impressive way.
    — D Hill | Civil Engineering | Warwick
  • Fascinated by flight and really interested in engineering of all kinds, I was really keen to get a place at Bristol. I knew my statement would have to be superb and turned to the company, who produced a tremendous piece for me and was instrumental in me getting the offer I was dreaming of.
    — T Lister | Aerospace Engineering | Bristol