Healthcare Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in health care and to take up a career in the field originates in family traditions and in my own experience of the workplace.' I come from a family with a strong academic history and several links with the world of medicine.' My father was an auxiliary nurse in a general hospital in Nigeria and my uncle is a doctor.' My wife, my sister and all three of my brothers are graduates in various disciplines, and their achievements have inspired me to work towards a higher qualification and enter professional life.' I am applying as a mature student with wide-ranging work experience, some in health care and some in other areas, such as local government and administration, but it has become increasingly clear to me that my real interests lie in the care of those who are vulnerable and suffering and in making their welfare as secure as possible, maintaining their dignity under the pressure of illness, and bringing them whatever comfort I can.' I have recently been employed as a mental health care worker, and the nursing of the mentally ill particularly attracts me'because of the clear need of such patients and the variety of challenges such work can present.' At the same time my training in management leads me to consider the role of health care manger.' I believe that I have the necessary skills and modes of thought which would enable me to perform such a role with efficiency and understanding. My post as a carer'for the mentally ill has involved providing nursing care for patients to suit their individual needs and devising care plans for them while carefully maintaining'the professional boundaries that are essential in such work.' I have learnt to support patients with their physical and psychological needs and also'to promote their'rights in the world.' I have come to understand the key role of confidence-building with'those in my care and the need to develop their self esteem.' There have also been many administrative duties, such as keeping proper records and reporting to unit mangers and community hospitals.' The central skill, though, continues to be the ability to maintain good relations with often deeply troubled people and to deal'calmly with problems.

I have also worked as a civil enforcement officer for a'London borough, carrying much responsibility in enforcing law and regulations, working as part of a team of operatives within tight boundaries of professional discipline.' I have worked as a volunteer care worker, ensuring the safety, welfare and individual daily needs of my clients, encouraging independence and maintaining a safe and pleasant environment.' I have also worked as a teacher and as an accounts administrator,'and my knowledge and understanding of professional responsibility is very well developed.'I have gained various NHS training qualifications, in areas such as Safeguarding Adults, Safeguarding Children, Flexible Workers' Ward Management and Flexible Workers' Drug Administration.''

I have a number of languages, my mother tongue, Yoruba, but also fluent English as well as basic Polish and Ghanaian, and I believe that such skills are immensely useful in an increasingly international world.' Outside my professional interests I enjoy tennis and motor racing, and I was appointed social director at the college I attended.

My work as a health carer has taught me valuable personal lessons, particularly that it is all too easy to take one's health and freedom for granted when it is not threatened by disability. 'I enjoy being able to offer comfort to my clients, to bring a smile to their faces, to escort them, listen to their concerns and to reassure them.' My love for the profession is accompanied by real determination to succeed and to gain a degree in the field.' I am a hard-working and well organised individual, reliable, punctual and meticulous in matters of detail.' My commitment to my chosen pathway is total and I hope you will consider my application.'''''''''

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