Additional Services

As well as providing Personal Statement Services, we also have a range of further services and tools that can help increase your chances of being offered a place at university. Our experienced writers will ensure that your CV, cover letter, letter of recommendation or reference is well-written, error-free and engaging. While our career questions service will help prepare you for success.


CV Editing


In today’s competitive educational system, universities often receive hundreds or even thousands of applications for a course. Unfortunately, statistics show that people spend only 10 to 20 seconds deciding whether or not to continue reading a CV. Spelling and grammar errors or jumbled layouts can easily put them off immediately. The good news is you can make your CV top of the pile with our CV writing service. 

We will create you a sparkling CV for any university application, which can also be used in future job applications. Layout is as important as content, so we ensure that every CV is as readable as possible, giving the reader the required information fast. Whether you want to study history or horticulture, music or mathematics, we can help you to be the most impressive candidate you can be. 

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Career Questions


No matter how good you look on paper, your interview is when your potential tutors get to know you properly. If you have secured an interview but you are dreading that bit at the end where they ask if you have any questions, our writers can come to your rescue. Just show us the course description and let us do the hard work for you. We will draw up a list of relevant, intelligent and carefully phrased questions to show your interviewer that you really have what it takes. 

Interviews are intimidating for most of us, but preparation can mean the difference between success and failure. Many people think that this stops at reading a course description and having knowledge of and/or qualifications in their subject. If you prepare yourself with the right kind of questions, your potential tutors will know that your inquiring mind makes you exactly the kind of person they want on their course. 

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Letters of Recommendation


Experiencing a delay in securing a letter of recommendation for a university course can be a real source of worry. Nobody wants to carefully select a list of potential universities, only to find the UCAS deadline quickly approaching and their inbox silent. During the undergraduate application period in particular, you may find that your chosen referee is inundated with reference requests and unable to handle them all at once. 

However, there is no need to despair. Our writers can draft a letter of recommendation for your referee to sign. We will ask all the necessary questions to find out as much about you as we can and ensure that it reflects you in the best light. You are more than a list of grades and your referee knows that, just like we do. We guarantee that we can write you a winning letter, expertly selling your skills and experience, which any referee would be delighted to sign. 

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If your previous tutor, teacher or employer is busy, it can be difficult to get them to write out a reference in time for an application deadline. This can create a huge amount of extra stress during an already difficult period. We can help you craft a fluent and comprehensive outline of your skills, experience and existing qualifications tailored to the course you wish to apply for. 

Our writers will ask you in-depth questions about you to ensure that they are as familiar with what you have to offer as possible. They will then thoroughly consider how you can effectively and coherently link your skills, experience and qualifications to your desired course, often identifying things you might not have thought of. Just show your reference to your referee afterwards and get them to read and sign it to confirm that they agree with everything included in it. 

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Cover Letter

Universities see endless cover letters which are evidently copied and pasted. It is usually very clear, even to someone who is new to recruiting students, if a candidate has not properly looked at the course description or the particular areas a university’s lecturers and professors specialise in. Our writers will make sure your cover letter is well-written, relevant and succinctly explains your suitability for your chosen course. 

Getting a good university place means standing out from the rest – and underestimating your competition is a common mistake. No matter how good your grades, you have to distinguish yourself from the rest and give evidence of intellectual curiosity. Our writers can help you identify academic, professional and leisure-time examples from your life which prove your suitability for your chosen course. Then we will polish up your cover letter to perfection, ensuring that it is not only engaging but also tightly written with no mistakes.  

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Personal Statement Services
From £69

Applying to university is a nerve-wracking experience, especially if it is for your first degree course. Whether you have the grades but find yourself scratching your head when it comes to outlining why you want to pursue your chosen course, or you simply worry about your spelling and grammar, our writers can help your statement shine. It is easy to sell yourself short, but our talented team can help you to do yourself justice.

Our writers know how to ask the right questions to ensure you do not forget anything vital on your statement. Too many applicants omit relevant information on their applications, potentially losing them the university place of their dreams. With our help, you do not have to be one of them. Getting into university will be one of the most important days of your life, so why not make sure you have the best chance of succeeding? 

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  • My career aims have long been clear in my mind. I want to work in the business world, and Newcastle offers many different courses within this general subject area. I am sure that the statement the company write for me was an important factor in my successful application.
    — G Underwood
  • After studying the History of Art at A-level I was very keen to do a degree in Architecture. My A-level predictions were strong, so I tried for Cambridge and was very well supported by a superb personal statement written by the company.
    — L. Stewart
  • Looking at the syllabuses of various universities I soon discovered that Cambridge offered the best course available. The competition was phenomenal so I tried the company’s service and received a top-grade statement to support my application
    — D. Harris
  • There is no better vet’s course than the one at Cambridge, and none more difficult to get into. The company’s personal statement really gave me the edge over other applicants. It was clear, fair, informative and stylish.
    — R Mortimer
  • I am a keen scientist with a passion for technology and my ambition is to work for one of the great engineering companies. A Cambridge degree would be the passport to such a career, and the company’s personal statement made my application very effective in standing out from the others.
    — J Phillips
  • I was very ambitious and went for Cambridge because I knew its Economics course was absolutely superb. I don’t think I would have stood a chance of success if it hadn’t been for the great statement written for me by the company. Going to them for help was the best decision I ever made.
    — R Walker
  • I never had any doubt about wanting to do a Fine Art degree, and Oxford offered the best. I asked the company to put my personal statement together for me and the excellent piece they sent me was absolutely central to my success.
    — F Nash
  • Oxford is undoubtedly the top place for Classics and I longed to go there. I turned to the company to help me with my personal statement and was immensely impressed by what they sent me. It was well written and very persuasive, giving a very positive impression of my academic and personal strengths.
    — H.Guest