If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us for more information, or follow the steps below to get started.

1. Place your order

Make your payment online with all major credit and debit cards accepted or use Paypal. You can also pay over the phone. Once you have made your payment, you will be entered into our system and you will receive a confirmation of your order in the form of a receipt.


2. Fill in your questionnaire

Upon completion of your payment, you will receive an email questionnaire, which needs to be read carefully, filled in with as much detail about yourself as possible, and returned to us. You will need to email this back to us at info@personalstatementservice.com.


3. What happens next

Depending on which tutoring service you have selected, our writers will use the information that you have given to us to proof-read and edit, or help write your statement. This will then be emailed back to you within 2-3 days and you will have a chance to read through this and assess it!


4. Statement Changes

If you have selected the Gold or Platinum package and have had the chance to read through your statement and consider any alterations needed, you are more than welcome to send your UCAS personal statement to us for a one-time edit within one week of receiving your statement.  This will be through direct communication with your personal writer. If you have selected the Oxbridge package, we also offer you unlimited communication with them over a two week period. For all packages, this can be to ask questions about your UCAS application or to add in any information you forgot to include in your questionnaire.


Our Promise

If we feel that you could benefit from more content or if we feel your UCAS personal statement is missing a particular piece of personal information, we will contact you immediately to ensure that we create a UCAS personal statement that you will be pleased with and that will be successful for university application – our dedicated team strives to increase your chance of securing a place at one of your preferred universities.

Currently, we accept payment via Paypal and all major credit and debit cards, which means that you can pay quickly and securely for goods and services online. You can also pay over the phone.

Oxbridge Personal Statement

Our Elite Personal Statement Service

To provide the best possible statement, our Oxbridge service supplies you with a fully-written or edited personal statement using one of our Oxbridge team who are all professional and experienced writers. This includes a week review period to ensure that your statement is tailored to your exact requirements maximising your first choice success.

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Platinum Personal Statement

Written Personal Statements

Our Platinum service takes the stress and anxiety out of writing your personal statement by producing one for you, based on the information you send us via a questionnaire. Our writers are experts at picking up on details, analysing content and cross-referencing. This means they can produce personal, accurate and quality statements for you.

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Gold Personal Statement

Professional Personal Statement Edits

Our Gold service offers thorough proof-reading and editing of your personal statement draft by professional writers. This means that though we won't write new material, you have complete control over what you want your statement to look like and we can simply polish it, turning it into a grammatically high-quality final version that's ready to send off.

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