Medicine Personal Statement Example

My ambition to study medicine and to become a doctor has its origins in my great love of the sciences involved and my delight in confronting intellectual challenges, but equally it is inspired by an acute sense of the human importance of the doctor’s role in alleviating suffering and helping people at their most vulnerable.  One of the formative experiences of my life was my visit to Mkawkaw hospital In Ghana with a charity organisation in 2009, where I saw for the first time the suffering caused by HIV.  While every age group was disastrously affected by the disease, it was particularly agonising to see the suffering of children, through no fault of their own.  It was equally heartbreaking to see so many in the HIV clinic who could not afford the cost of the retroviral medication which could improve their condition and extend their lives.  I believe it was this sobering experience which fully convinced me that I should devote my life to medicine and the treatment of such unfortunate people.  The professionalism and dedication of the doctors at the clinic were inspiring, and I was immediately determined to make a difference myself by starting a medical journal with a number of my fellow students, writing about health issues which affect teenagers, as well as my Ghana experience, with a view to raising funds for the hospital.  So far we have raised £800. I highlighted the importance of work experience in my publication ‘Why I want to be a doctor’ in the current issue of the British Journal of Medical Practitioners ( 4(2): a 422: 2011. I have developed my dedication to medicine by undertaking work experience placements, including some time spent at a local hospital, shadowing doctors and observing how important teamwork is in hospital medicine, with multidisciplinary communication producing the best outcome for patients.  At a GP’s practice I noted the importance of the holistic approach to patient care, where medical conditions were considered not just in terms of their pathology but also in the context of the patient’s social and psychological background.  The importance of listening to patients and their relatives was brought home to me.  I have made weekly visits to a school for children with learning difficulties, understanding their disabilities and inventing ways to communicate with them and brighten their lives.  At an elderly care home I learnt of the feeling of neglect some inmates had, and understood how important it was to spend time with them.  I have worked for six months at a Cancer Research shop, which has sharpened my organizational and communication skills, and I have gained a qualification in sign language at a local college to increase my ability to offer help to the disabled.

In my present gap year I am working as a theatre support worker at my local hospital, transferring patients, often at their most vulnerable and anxious, offering them comfort and learning the vital importance of confidentiality, and also working with staff from other disciplines.  I intend to spend the second half of my gap year in Nepal, China and Cambodia as a medical volunteer.

Outside my medical interests I am a keen sportsman, playing cricket for Hertfordshire County for the past four years, and representing my school at cricket, soccer and rugby.  I gained a certificate as a level 1 cricket coach through much determination and perseverance, and I completed a D of E Silver Award, demonstrating my leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

I am hard-working, extremely reliable and full of determination and energy as a student.  I work well as part of a team, but have the confidence in my own judgement to be able to work happily on my own as well.  I respond well to pressure, have great powers of self discipline and immense intellectual curiosity.  My academic record is very strong and I have no doubts about my ability to make a success of the medical course.  I hope you will consider my application.


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