Nursing Personal Statement

My decision to study for a nursing degree and then to make a career in adult nursing is the result of mature consideration and much experience as a carer and in the world of work.  As a mother of four children and a devoted housewife I have spent much of my adult life dealing with the needs and problems of others, and my experience in employment has been principally in roles in which I have served the needs of ordinary people.  Nursing attracts me because of the human satisfaction it offers, and the opportunities it presents to help vulnerable people and enhance their lives.  I am by nature a compassionate and open-minded individual for whom the greatest personal fulfilment is in working with a wide range of people and offering them the help and comfort they desperately need in times of extreme personal difficulty.  Nursing also holds out the prospect of very varied work, from serving in the accident and emergency ward to working with people in their own homes.  Every sort of health setting is open to the qualified nurse, so that a career in the field is both rewarding and endlessly interesting.  I know of course that some aspects of the nurse’s role are difficult and even harrowing, but I can imagine no more important role, nor one which can bring a greater sense of doing a job which has genuine meaning and which can bring so much real benefit to those in one’s care. Although much of my time has been devoted to the care of my family, I have some varied experience of the world of employment.  I am a fully qualified beauty therapist and work as a free lance, advising my clients and helping them with their personal requirements, anxieties and hopes.  This involves a considerable degree of human understanding, as well as a wide range of technical skills which I find can bring much satisfaction to many.  This close involvement with the wishes and concerns of individuals has been a factor in my decision to become a nurse.  I also worked for a while at an optician’s, again serving the needs of individual customers and offering solutions to their problems.  We have a family business in which I have also worked at times, so that I believe that I have a realistic awareness of the world of employment, and a clear sense of the importance of priorities and of the key personal qualities of reliability, honesty and initiative when dealing with other people’s requirements.

I am keen to begin my new career and can offer total commitment to an advanced course which will bring me the qualifications I need.  I am the first member of my family to apply for a university course, and I am aware that I am approaching my academic goal as a mature student who has been out of the world of education for some time.  Nevertheless my determination to succeed is without question, and I look forward eagerly to achieving my qualification and developing my career in an NHS hospital.  I am excited by the prospect of working in such a respected profession, helping those with conditions which are chronic or acute, using all my skills and instincts to care for patients, to counsel them, to manage the environment in which I work and even perhaps to teach other aspiring nurses to be effective and compassionate carers.

I have read a range of textbooks in preparation for my course and I believe that I have a sound idea of the sort of work and responsibility I shall undertake.  Above all, I believe, nursing suits my own particular temperament and personality, since I am a genuine caring individual with a great capacity for hard work.  I very much enjoy working with others and acting as part of a team, though I am also quite confident operating on my own and can act as a leader if necessary.  My dedication to my chosen career is total, and I can guarantee to work seriously and energetically towards the successful completion of my course.  I hope you will consider my application.

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