Economics/Finance Personal Statement

In the fall-out of the recession, much has been written on the role of huge international banks in the global economy. Goldman Sachs, for one, has been described as “too big to fail”, and earlier this year the NY Times argued that it was closely backed by the US Treasury, gaining an almost public status despite its private position. The deleveraging of private organisations to manage debt, and the bailing out of public bodies, are solutions to very modern problems and it is for this reason that I am determined to pursue a career in finance: it moves our society as well as the economy. I am a natural mathematician and having studied at a special school for children gifted in mathematics, I went on to develop my own stock portfolio and have gained my own funding for university through 3 years of stock trading. I am currently studying the INTO pathway into Economics at City University, I now wish to gain the necessary skills to work initially as a trader or analyst at a global investment bank, through higher education in the UK. I have never set limitations on my potential and look forward to constantly challenging myself in an internationally significant field.  

As my mathematical skills developed I began to understand the extent to which Maths underpins diverse industries, from international security to computer science and finance: I won an international student competition in Greece with my project in “effective algorithms for generalized financial calculations”. Further, from trading stocks I have seen clearly how strategic and logical thinking can pay dividends, and I feel my skillset would thus make me an asset to any financial institution. I completed an internship at Kvota Bank in Moscow and learned to analyse accounts and loan applications, which only deepened my interest in helping orchestrate key financial decisions in future. As I am fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English, I possess the flexibility to work on an international financial stage and I am keen to gain further experience on placement in London, as the city is a home to the most influential financial bodies in the world and would provide me with a wealth of career opportunities in firms I have begun to avidly follow. I enjoyed reading “Too big to fail: the making of Goldman Sachs”, to understand the power of such banks on a macro level and reading every issue of The Economist and The FT keeps me abreast of current financial events. Most recently I have been intrigued by the Greek debt crisis, and the problems of the Eurozone; which incorporates many different national economic policies and thus is arguably weakened in the face of currencies such as the dollar or the yen.


I love chess and have been playing for 7 years. Aged just 13, I was nominated to become a Master, and have won many competitions both regional and international. I firmly believe that chess has been instrumental in enhancing my logical skills, as many of my stock trading successes have resulted from the application of my own chess strategies. I have also been involved in Judo for 6 years and find it a relaxing outlet for achievement. I won my first competition despite being the youngest participant, learning early on to aim high and harness my determination to succeed. I have since competed in city and regional competitions and from 2009-2010 I worked as a Judo Trainer for children aged 9-13, learning how to work effectively with others and communicate with sensitivity.

I am singularly ambitious and determined in everything I do, but I also have a unique facility with numbers which will underpin my future endeavours. Observing the changing financial world and the unstoppable growth of our largest banks has convinced me that this field is more exciting and rewarding than any other, and I am thus keen to build on my skills and knowledge at university to begin my path to career success.


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