Medicine Personal Statement Example

It has long been my goal to study medicine, having grown up alongside a sibling suffering a genetic disorder and realising how important research could be in dramatically improving the lives of sufferers and their families. Equally, the intellectual curiosity that has ensured that I have remained a top student throughout my school career will also find the opportunity for expression through the rigorous academic demands of the field. It is this combination that suggests medicine as the best fit for a student concerned with finding a career that offers both mental stimulation and the chance for personal and social improvement. My strong academic performance throughout my educational career has laid an excellent foundation for further study. Having achieved a number of A and A* grades at GCSE, I have since gone on to become a straight A student. My subject choices reflect my interests in biology and medicine and I have gained consistent grades in related science subjects. My attitude to schoolwork has earned me positive references from my tutors and the opportunity to continually push myself to achieve my full potential. Finishing my Maths GCSE a year early and undertaking an Advanced FMSQ in Additional Maths, gaining the Outstanding Achievement in Biology Award, and holding the position of House Captain for 5 years, are just a few examples of how the supportive atmosphere of my college has fostered my intellectual and personal development.

Aware that it is important to gain a sense of the profession, I have also worked hard to gain work experience within the medical field. I spent two weeks working at the Aspire Orthopaedic Hospital, assisting in the Physiotherapy Department as well as undertaking further work experience at the Muscat Eye Laser Center. My winning essay in the Weil Cornell University Scholarship competition also won me the opportunity to undertake work experience at Cornell Medical Hospital. By shadowing and assisting healthcare professionals I have improved my technical knowledge and my awareness of the day-to-day demands of working within the medical profession.

Having had it confirmed through these experiences that medicine offers the right fit for my interests and skills, I have continued to lay a foundation for future study through attending extra-curricular events, undertaking a basic adult first aid and CPR course and attending a residential pre-med study course at Cambridge University, where I also participated in a charity outreach programme.

I am equally dedicated when it comes to extra-curricular activities. As a keen swimmer, I am proud to say that I was the first ever female to compete for Qatar internationally. Having trained six days a week from the age of 9, my dedication has been rewarded with success in various international competitions and extended training camps, as well as regular press coverage. I am also a keen and active member of the school Basketball and Water Polo teams Environmental and Philosophy clubs.

As a dedicated and ambitious student I have consistently worked hard to achieve my goals. Having proven my ability to achieve strong results in related subjects, and worked hard to gain additional experience and knowledge in the academic and professional demands of the field, I believe myself to be a strong candidate. I am both proud to say that this is a conclusion shared by my teachers, mentors and the Government of Qatar, who have awarded a full scholarship for further study.


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