Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

  Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement


Having grown up in The Democratic Republic of Congo’s mineral-rich Lumbashi, I spent much of my life around the machines that are fundamental to the gold, copper and cobalt industries. Seeing these, I was always interested in how their internal components worked together to achieve a given function. Given this fascination and  my innate passion and capacity for mathematics and physics, I am very excited by the prospect of studying for a degree in mechanical engineering. The allure of working within the field is enhanced by the knowledge that technology is always advancing, continually bringing greater benefits to humankind.

Besides from a deep interest in the subject, through a range of work and voluntary positions I believe that I have developed the skills and attributes that will be essential for success in my degree and in my subsequent career. For example, in The Congo I ran my own business, selling cars. Having established this in 2004, two years later I employed 12 members of staff. Running one’s own business requires, of course, that they are self-motivated, as there is no pressure from ‘above’ to work. Being able to motivate myself will undoubtedly be essential in university, where students must, to a large extent, take responsibility for their own success. Furthermore, my business also required that I develop excellent organisational skills, ensuring that I manage my staff effectively. An ability to organise one’s self is crucial at university as, at any given point, there are likely to be numerous deadlines or exams to prepare for.

Having arrived in the UK in 2008, the past few years have been very challenging. However, throughout, I have sought to engage with, draw strength from, and contribute to the community by taking up a number of voluntary roles. For instance, working at the local Evangelical Church has allowed me to develop a greater understanding of English culture and to foster many relationships with members of the church. Consequently, I believe that I will adjust well to the university lifestyle and I look forward to working with other aspiring mechanical engineers as I commence my degree.

Additionally, I am a leader at Conversation Café, where I have had the opportunity to engage with a myriad of individuals about a range of topics. In this role, I have had the privilege of helping other non-native English speakers filling in various forms, including job applications. Furthermore, I have also been able to teach a number of people mathematics, which, besides from being a pleasure, has allowed me to ensure that my knowledge of the subject stays fresh.

As I frequently read technology-based articles and have many friends who work as engineers, I am able to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in mechanical engineering and understand the demands that are placed upon those who work in the industry. For instance, whilst it is essential that engineers are able to apply knowledge of mathematics, physics, and materials, they are also required to be able to express their understanding of these to their colleagues. Being a naturally strong communicator, and having developed in this capacity in my various roles, I believe that I would flourish in this capacity. I feel, therefore, that, given my communication and organisational skills, and my understanding of the demands of studying and working in engineering, I am well placed to be successful in my studies and I look forward to the challenges that they will entail.


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