Medicine Personal Statement Example

Medicine Personal Statement Example  

Having worked and volunteered in a range of healthcare settings around the world – from the US, to the UK, and Bangladesh – I have been able to observe how desperately doctors are needed. In some of the poorer countries of world there may be as many as fifty-thousand people per doctor. I am, therefore, largely drawn to a career in medicine simply because I am aware of the numbers of people that need help. Moreover, whilst I have studied a range of scientific disciplines, I realise that my passion lies with biology; I am endlessly fascinated by the intricacy of our physiological process and the structure of our anatomy. It would be an honour to be able to work in a profession in which I could draw upon my knowledge of biology in order to assist others.

Whilst, of course, an interest in and a capacity for science are essential for any doctor, it is a role that requires one has a range of other skills and attributes. At present, I work as a receptionist and administrator at the Shah Jalal health centre (London). It is a privilege to be able to interact with the GPs and to see how they relate to patients, ensuring that they are at ease. A doctor needs not only to have a deep understanding of their subject, but must also be able to communicate this knowledge with patients and other healthcare professionals. Since I am required to frequently interact with patients and doctors in this role, I am very confident in my ability to effectively communicate with both. Moreover, as I am working at the health centre whilst completing my third year of university, I am developing excellent time-management skills; given the large number of patients that doctors see on a daily basis, an ability to handle one’s time effectively is essential.

Last year I spent several weeks volunteering at West Green Surgery, where I shadowed a GP and a nurse. Besides from this being a valuable experience in that I was able to ask the staff about the how they found their work, I was also able to perform examinations on patients. I found this to very enjoyable and it provided me with firsthand experience of one of a doctor’s central roles.

In order to gain a sense of the variety of healthcare systems that are in place around the world, I have also completed placements outside of the UK. For example, I spent a week shadowing a physician in Memphis, Tennessee. Consequently, I developed a deeper appreciation of the NHS and its emphasis on inclusive provision. I have also undertaken a couple of voluntary placements in Bangladesh – one at a government hospital in Dhaka and one at Bangladesh Medical College. Through these experiences I have, on one hand, simply gained a better understanding of the way in which hospitals are run. On the other, however, I have developed a greater appreciation of the positive impact that doctors have, emphasising to me that I would like to work within a position in which I can help others.

Though much of my time is committed to work and academia, I enjoy a range of things and so make sure that I have time for them. For instance, I am part of the Queen Mary Association of South East Asia, which gives the me the chance to learn about different cultures (whilst this is an enjoyable pursuit, I am aware that it is valuable for those in medicine to understand other cultures since one will likely work with a diversity of individuals). Also, whilst in school, I was part of the Community Service Club, which entailed cleaning local lakes, encouraging family planning, and raising money for schools.

Through my experiences of work in clinical settings in several countries I have had the chance to see the indispensible contributions that doctors make to their communities. Moreover, I have been able to see what is required of those working in medicine, and believe that I have the skills, personal characteristics, and academic ability to succeed as a doctor.


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