Medicine Personal Statement

  Medicine Personal Statement

I have had the honour of being around medical professionals for most of my life, and of observing how they are able to draw upon their vast depths of knowledge in order to provide people with the best chance of leading a healthy and happy life. Inevitably, then, it became apparent to me long ago that being in their position, though often challenging, must be extremely rewarding. Therefore, given my long-term love of science, I have undertaken to immerse myself within clinical settings in order to better understand the lives of doctors, in order to explore whether a career in medicine might be right for me.

At the Royal London Hospital, for example, I spent time shadowing a general medical and endocrine team. Though I had seen it before with my own parents, it was a pleasure to see the way in which the doctors interacted with patients, ensuring that they elicited all potentially relevant information, all the while communicating in a manner that meant that their patients were at ease. On a similar note, I came to appreciate the scale of the multidisciplinary teams in which doctors work, and how important it is that all members of staff are able to interact with each other effectively.

The experience also emphasised to me how demanding – though, of course, essential - it must be stay at the cutting-edge of medical knowledge. It was fascinating to observe junior doctors absorb information from more senior members during ward rounds, and I was also able to attend regular teaching sessions, which I found very interesting. Though I recognise that it must require a continual effort to dedicate one’s self to the constant acquisition of new information when working in such a high-pressure environment, I have always had an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and feel, therefore, that I would relish working in this type of environment.

In my spare time, I volunteer at St. Hilda’s Community Centre, working with people who have learning difficulties. I have a number of responsibilities, including organising things, such as talent shows and sporting events, in which they can demonstrate their various abilities, It is apparent that these activities facilitate the development of their confidence. Whilst, therefore, this role is inherently rewarding, I have also developed excellent organisation skills and the capacity to work well within a team. As I have seen from shadowing at the Royal London Hospital, these attributes are essential for doctors.

Whilst at college, I took the initiative of setting up an out-of-hours chemistry class to help those struggling with various aspects of their course. As part of this, I produced worksheets, revision notes, and organised group activities. The scheme received positive reviews from both staff and students, and, at the end of the year, the class held a 100% pass rate. Since I enjoy chemistry very much, it was, of course, a delight for me to be able to be involved in this. It would be wonderful to be able to develop my knowledge of chemistry and related disciplines further whilst at university and to subsequently apply this within a medical environment.

Having shadowed doctors I have developed a deep respect for what they do. I admire their commitment to life-long learning and the education of others, and the way in which they conduct themselves with both patients and fellow members of staff. Their professionalism in the face of the pressures that they deal with is striking. However, through my various life experiences, I have also developed a disciplined approach to learning, as well as excellent interpersonal skills. Consequently, should I be given the opportunity, I am confident that I can be an asset to the profession.


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