Example Law Personal Statement

  Example Law Personal Statement


One of the most alluring characteristics of law, for me, is the way in which it permeates and, therefore, structures all aspects of society. By studying law, then, one has the opportunity to explore the endless facets of human society. Furthermore, through understanding and practising law, an individual is able to ensure that people are afforded their rights. Simply having the capacity to assist others is part of why I wish to pursue the discipline.

Having studied biomedical science and biotechnology, I have had the chance to consider the influence of law within the context of medicine. Of course, social policies dictate whether someone is eligible to receive a treatment, for example. Also, through studying a module entitled ‘Product Development in Biotechnology’, I have been able to learn about patents and their importance to pharmaceutical companies.

I understand that law, like science, is a highly competitive field – success in which requires a huge a amount of hard work and dedication. However, I feel that I have demonstrated, by completing 2 degrees, for instance, that I possess the commitment and work ethic that are required to perform highly in the study of law.

Outside of academia, I have held a number of positions that have allowed me to develop a range of skills that are applicable to law. For example, as a school council representative, I was responsible for presenting students’ issues to the local council. This required that I was able to comprehend the perspectives of others and communicate them – regardless of whether or not the views were congruent with my own. Furthermore, since I would present issues to groups of individuals within meetings, I developed excellent communication skills, allowing me to thoughtfully express complicated issues.

Understanding, considering, and presenting ideas is something that I have long enjoyed. Besides from my role as a school council representative, I have been able to foster these skills in various other contexts. Whilst in school I was part of the debating team, at university I presented a poster that summarised the findings of my MSc project at a conference in Hamburg. I look forward to engaging with others about the intricacies of law during my degree.

Having finished university 2 years ago, I currently work as a customer service representative with HSBC. In this role, I interact with customers through a range of media, and report to managers and senior members of staff, both orally and in writing. The position has nurtured by ability to make on-the-spot decisions, to create plans, and to solve problems. I feel that in the fast-past environments that are associated with the practice of law, these attributes will be of great value.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of law and the settings in which it is practiced, I have attended public galleries at Woolwich and Greenwich Crown Courts, which have provided me with insights into how criminal cases proceed. I was also able to speak with the prosecution and barristers, who provided me with information about their roles. Additionally, I have arranged to shadow a solicitor at the end of this year and the beginning of next. Much of their work is focused on immigration, especially within the Asian community. It will be fascinating to learn about this aspect of law and to observe interactions in non-English languages, such as Punjabi, in which I am fluent.

By engaging in activities such as these, I am developing a rich understanding of what working in law entails. Having been involved in various extracurricular activities, such as representing my school at council meetings and debating, I have been able to develop my capacity to analyse and communicate complex information effectively. These skills have, of course, been enhanced through higher education and employment. I am excited by the prospect of applying the skills and knowledge that I possess as I commence my law degree.


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