Business Personal Statement Sample

Business Personal Statement Sample

Growing up, my grandmother encouraged me to challenge people’s expectations and strive to be the best I could be. I have gained a wide exposure to British and European business by working hard in a wide range of jobs, with a constant focus on self-improvement and career progression. Since moving to the UK in 2005 and completing part-time courses at Brighton and Hove City College, I have realised that the key to equipping myself with the appropriate tools to succeed in business is through education. This degree will enable me to transform my ideas and passion into workable business models.

Having lived both in Poland and the UK, I have developed a keen interest in international politics and economics. I enjoy learning about these areas through independent research, such as by reading ‘Forbes’, ‘Newsweek’ and numerous Polish publications. I act as Editor in Chief of a website that publishes information and statistics related to Polish earnings in different trades. I look forward to studying Business in an academic context at university.

The focus of my Business education to date has had a practical focus. On my own initiative I took an ILM in First Line Management (2007-2008) to develop my managerial skills and Level 2 NVQ in Business Administration (2009-2010), where I learnt valuable interpersonal and administrative skills. As part of the course we developed a business plan for expansion into the Polish market and presented it to a Holiday Taxis, a large international company. Though our plans were on too small a scale for them to use, we have remained in touch and they are keen to hear about future ideas.


These qualifications have enabled me to rapidly progress through the ranks of my current employer, Brighton Marine & Palace Pier, where I began as a Rides Department Supervisor in 2005 and am now Side Shows and Deckhands Assistant Manager. My role involves recruitment, staff training, safety monitoring, strategic planning and coordinated logistics. I also play a key role in budget management – negotiating prices with suppliers and identifying optimised stock control and team performance against targets using spreadsheets. I have learnt to how to identify measures to improve efficiency while working under pressure.

Prior to moving to the UK I have worked as a summer camp Cultural Education Instructor (2003) a Promotional Campaign Coordinator for Ford (2003) and runt up my own business making wooden garden furniture. I have developed good customer service and communication skills through retail roles (1999-2001) and as a Telemarketer (2006). Since moving I have maintained links with Poland through my role as a Recruitment Consultant and Accommodation Coordinator for an international company that organises accommodation and work for EU workers based in the UK.


After school I spent 5 years at the Physical Culture Institute of Szczecin University, where I specialised in Leisure Tourism and Hotel Trade. I was heavily involved in sport, a passion of mine. I volunteered as a basketball coach, took additional courses such as lifeguarding, instructor for community centre and camp counsellor. I also enjoy snowboarding, swimming and cycling. From an early age I have always been chosen as a team captain, demonstrating my natural managerial ability.

Moving to the UK and completing Business qualifications has enabled me to broaden my horizons and helped me develop as a person, and my sights are now firmly set on a career in Business Consultancy. I strongly believe that the key to getting the economy back on track following the recent recession is through the work of better-qualified, motivated people such as myself. My dedication, adaptability, ability to lead and team and work well within it and language skills (I speak native Polish, fluent English and basic German) give me the potential to succeed. What I now need are the skills and knowledge of a business degree that will enable me to use my entrepreneurial spirit to achieve my ambitions.