Maths/Economics Personal Statement Example

  Maths/Economics Personal Statement

Having grown up in a family where economics and business have greatly shaped our lives, I have gained an appreciation of the importance of attempting to predict change. Watching the growth of my grandfather’s company, and seeing how important predicting changes in the markets was to this process, as well as observing my father’s experiences in banking, the global economy and its effects fascinate me. Having also discovered an aptitude for mathematics, and appreciating the rigorous, logical approach to problem solving that it encourages, it is Economics’ integration of mathematical principles to attempt to make accurate predictions also accounting for the complexities of human motivation that motivates me to study the subject at undergraduate level.

Despite my strong performance in Mathematics at school, being the only female student to study Further Mathematics, and a series of seminars on business orientation, I knew that I would need to gain a better idea of the field before committing. To this end, I attended a prestigious month long course at the University of California, Berkeley in summer 2010, studying Economics and Law. As well as laying a strong foundation in the field, this course also allowed me to hone my leadership and teamwork skills, as I was elected leader of my group for the final project. The following year, I attended a month long course at Penn State University, which covered Economics, Management, Mathematics and Engineering. Undertaking this broader course proved valuable as it added to my knowledge in economics, statistics and econometrics, and confirmed that it was the application of mathematics within economics that truly excited me.

The global nature of finance and economics has also shaped my life and my interest in the field, particularly since my family’s recent move to China. I have lived and studied in various countries throughout my life and would am very keen to continue learning more about various cultures. Good communication between cultures is essential for understanding and shaping the world economy. In addition to my studies in the language at school, I have attended multiple, immersive summer schools in France and Belgium, while studying at an English school in Spain has also allowed me to become fluent in both these languages. In my year out I plan to study in both Beijing and Peking in order to learn Mandarin Chinese. Not only will this allow me to better understand the language and culture of the country in which my family will be living, but I also believe that China’s increasing importance economically will mean that having a grasp of Mandarin will become useful. My decision to study in the UK is not only dictated by the prestige of its institutions but also by a desire to reconnect with my roots. I was born in London and received a British education meaning that I am both comfortable with, and passionate about, the language and culture.

In my spare time I enjoy skiing, photography and creative writing, as well as visiting the gym and playing guitar and piano. I also like to use my free time to read up on developments within the field. A book I particularly enjoyed was Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, which made me aware of the progress that still needs to be made in formulating economic models that account for human irrationality.

It is the exciting prospect of applying my mathematic aptitude to the remaining problems within the field of economics that motivates me to study it at undergraduate level. As the current difficulties facing the world economy attest, there can be no more important goal, or more exciting opportunity for making a real impact on the lives of others, than understanding and influencing these fascinating and complex processes.

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