Aeronautical Engineering Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in Aircraft Engineering and to spend my career in the world of aviation is driven by a long-standing enthusiasm for flight and a deep interest in the laws of physics which enable such complex machines to work successfully.  As part of my Physics Higher course I devised a case study comparing the efficiency and flexibility of different types of aircraft propulsion system, which led me to develop clear and quite definite views about which sort of engine is the most appropriate for each type of aircraft.  The engineering of aircraft propulsion units is endlessly interesting to me, and I should take great satisfaction in being able to design and maintain the engines of the future.  I am keen to learn more about aerodynamics and control, the effects of shape in wings and fuselage, and the possible future developments of physical design in order to produce increasing efficiency and speed, particularly in the light of rising fuel costs. I am also eager to explore the world of construction materials – the use of advanced composites which is likely to figure largely in aircraft design in the future.  Such materials have enormous advantages in terms of weight and durability, and if flying is to remain affordable, work to develop these materials must be a high priority in the industry.  I also have a very clear sense of the importance of the aero-engineer’s work.  To be able to service an aircraft which will safely carry hundreds of people across the globe at 500 miles an hour is a great privilege, but it also carries a great responsibility.

I have undertaken some work experience in the industry with a placement at Lufthansa Technik in 2012.   I was able to observe the design of new engine parts and see repair work being carried out.  I learnt a lot about the mechanical processes and different engine types, and had the opportunity to assist the mechanic, an exciting and very informative privilege.  My other work experience has been mainly concerned with raising funds for my university plans.  I have worked as a hotel waiter, first at weekends and now, since last summer, full time.  It has been a useful contact with the real world of work and has helped me to develop qualities of loyalty, reliability and leadership, as well as giving me experience of working as a member of a team.  I have been given various responsibilities, for such things as stock control and maintenance of the hotel bar environment, which I believe is a sign of the respect my employers have for my efficiency.  Further evidence of my qualities is my involvement in Meitheal 2012, a programme open to all students in the final year of school, from whom only twelve are selected.  The purpose of the course, which involved weeks of training over the summer holidays, is to give new students at school (1st years) a leader who will guide and mentor them. If the new student is being bullied or has a problem he can go to his Meitheal to help resolve it. Meitheals also organize class trips so new students can socialize. I was also Student of the Year at my school in 2011

I am interested in machines of all kinds, and alongside my interest in aviation I like cars and often attend rallies.  I also enjoy motocross, and I am currently the All-Ireland Under-16 Champion.  I keep abreast of new developments in my subject by following stories in the media and read a number of specific aviation journals as well as books on air safety and aircraft design.  My hope is that after graduation I shall be able to secure a job with an aerospace company, which will allow me to travel, and, in the process, to gain my own Private Pilot’s License.

I am hard-working and determined, and very clear-sighted in my ambitions.  I very much enjoy working with my peers, and will spare no efforts to complete any task I have undertaken to do.  My commitment to my goal is total, and I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.


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