Biomedical Science Personal Statement Example

My ambition to study for a degree in Biomedical Sciences is a direct reflection of the deep and long-standing interest I have in the human body, its workings as well as its characteristic failings.  It is particularly anatomy and physiology which drive my curiosity, and I am very eager to explore such areas as the functions of normal tissues and organs and how medical conditions manifest themselves at various levels, in the cells, the tissues and the whole patient.  The biology of the human body is equally interesting, the ways it performs its normal functions, and the effect on these processes of drugs and medication as well as commonplace chemical inputs such as caffeine. I am very interested in immunisation, and in the peculiar cell disturbance which leads to cancer.  I am keen to discover more about the functions of enzymes, and about the microbial world and its significance in terms of the chemistry of the body and the environmental causes of disease.  These interests have been nurtured and developed through my reading in medical journals, following stories in the media and attending the Foundation Programme.  I see a degree in Biomedical Sciences as a step towards working as a professional in the healthcare world, and I would like to go on after graduation to take a post-graduate medical course to complete the preparation for my career.

I have undertaken some work experience placements which have given me useful insights into medical procedures and the applications of Biomedical Science. I have an aunt who works in the Kolan Hospital in Istanbul, in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation department.  During my holiday in Turkey she gave me the opportunity to visit her department and observe the treatment of her patients, and I also visited other departments, including audiology and ENT.  Although it was only a brief contact with the world of healthcare, I made full use of my time there and learnt much about day-to-day life in a hospital environment and the demands of patient care.

I have also spent two weeks a as volunteer at a day-care centre for the elderly, where my duties were to provide individualised home care for older and disabled people, including general housekeeping, providing transport to appointments and activities, and ensuring that they followed medical instructions thoroughly.  It was challenging work, but gave me a good sense of the responsibilities of the healthcare worker and of the needs of patients.  Another medical role I have fulfilled involved caring for my grandfather while he was suffering from cancer.  I was responsible for the administering and control of all of his medication, which impressed on me again the importance of the science which underlies a course of medical care. I have other types of employment experience, all of which have developed my understanding of customers’ needs and made me aware of the paramount importance of clear communication, sympathy and patience.

I am fluent in three languages, English, Turkish and Kurdish, an asset which I believe is very valuable in an increasingly international world.  At my college I am a member of the Enrichment Team.  I act as a host for visitors to the college on open days, and I am involved in many activities, such as basketball, as well as working for a D of E award, taking part in expeditions and endurance tasks.

I am an imaginative and creative individual, with an active turn of mind and much determination.  I make it a matter of principle to apply myself to the very best of my ability to everything I undertake to do.  I make every effort to be well organized in my work, and have a mature sense of responsibility.  I am retaking several of my examinations to raise the level of my academic achievement and see it as my first priority to demonstrate my ability and understanding in preparation for my chosen degree course.  I am fully committed to my subject, and believe I have the necessary qualities to succeed as an undergraduate.


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