Dentistry Personal Statement

Becoming a part of the medical profession has been a long held goal of mine. Having achieved this through qualification as a pharmacist, I have now realised that the strengths and interests that allow me to perform to a high standard in this field could be even more fruitfully applied to the study and practice of dentistry. Dentistry offers the opportunity to continue offering a high level of patient care, one of the cornerstones of my current role, while also expanding opportunities for technical and intellectual engagement with my work. I have consistently proven myself capable of meeting the academic demands of medical study, gaining a 2:1 in my MPharm and becoming a fully registered Chemist in 2009. Throughout my degree I found that I performed best in modules that offer some crossover with the study of dentistry, such as Human Anatomy and Disease, Clinical Sciences, Medicine Management and Pharmacology. This knowledge and experience, combined with my consistent results in the relevant science subjects prior to university, suggests that I have laid an excellent foundation for continuing study in the field.

In addition to my ability to perform to the required standard academically, I have also worked hard to gain valuable employment experience. I have a year’s experience working as a full-time Pharmacist, building on work experience gained throughout my degree. This role involves giving professional advice and dispensing prescriptions to members of the general public; including children, the elderly and those seeking help for drug addiction. My ability to communicate effectively with patients in a range of sensitive situations suggests that I will be more than capable of undertaking the aspects of patient care that are central in the practice of Dentistry.

In order to ensure that I have made the right choice to change from Pharmacy to Dentistry I have also undertaken work experience within the field, beginning with a two-week voluntary placement in 2003 with Hunjan and Associates Dental Practice. Here I observed a number of complex procedures, including crowning, implants, bleaching and entodontic procedures, offering valuable insight into the day-to-day demands of the role. More recently, I have shadowed a dentist working on the orthodontic ward at Leeds Dental Institute. The diagnosis, prevention and correction of dental and facial irregularities fascinated me and I am interested in pursuing orthodontics, or oral and maxillifacial surgery in future.

My interest in the medical profession is one result of undergoing cataract surgery at a young age, and I have been passionate about eyesight protection ever since. During my 3rd year at university I co-ordinated a 15-mile charity walk, raising £1500 for ‘Sightsavers’ and it has been important to me to remain socially engaged throughout my educational career. I enjoy the student mentoring responsibilities of my current role, for example, and held the positions of 6th Form Council Representative and Form Council Chairman while at school. My interest in sports also led to me holding the position of Sports Prefect, and I still enjoy playing racquet sports such as Badminton and Tennis to improve my hand-eye co-ordination.

I am a motivated and ambitious individual with the determination and ability to succeed. My previous knowledge and experience of the medical profession, both in academia and employment, have laid an excellent foundation for further study, while my natural inclination towards the balance between patient care and technical expertise that dentistry offers suggests that I will be able to continue performing to the same high standard within this new, challenging field.


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