Medicine Personal Statement

  Medicine Personal Statement Example

‘The purpose of a doctor or any human in general should not be to simply delay the death of the patient, but to increase the person's quality of life.’ This quotation from ‘Patch Adams’ encapsulates everything I believe the medical profession to stand for. Witnessing my grandmother’s treatment after a heart attack instilled in me a real respect for her doctors; despite the daily pressures of dealing with difficult situations, they remained compassionate and efficient and ultimately allowed her to return home healthy.  The unique rewards of such a career have driven me to pursue it for myself.


To gain experience of medicine I undertook a placement at Willesden Hospital and saw first-hand its multidisciplinary environment, which demanded teamwork between practitioners, from physicians to pharmacists. I then shadowed at a GP surgery and observed procedures including ear syringing, and talked to patients about their health. It became apparent that a doctor’s duty to the patient is not only curative, but in developing a compassionate relationship. I watched the health assistant carry out consultations and was struck that long-term relationships had been formed with patients who trusted her with their health. Medicine is a career which rests upon responsibility and diligence, and the rewards of working with people strongly attract me to primary care. This inspired me to volunteer at a care home for the mentally disabled, which taught me to adapt my behaviour to different patients. Despite the challenges I was able to see the positive impact of interacting with residents on their social health. It is interesting to learn the possible causes of disabilities, which epitomise the daily effects of human science on individuals, so I read ‘The man who mistook his wife for a hat’ to understand neurological conditions.


Studying Sciences has helped me to develop my practical skills and dexterity when carrying out experiments, which will be invaluable in future. I also completed an Extended Project on the problems of the NHS, inspired by my experience at the hospital. Interviewing doctors on these issues gave me a broad perspective which acknowledges that the system is constantly evolving in a positive way. I feel lucky to live in a country with national healthcare, as the implications of living without this are devastating for others around the world. The process of conducting interviews and collating research improved my communication and time management to equip me for further study.


I seize every opportunity to volunteer and enjoyed an extraordinary experience at a school in Uganda after raising over £1000 for the students. I assisted in an IT class and the process of teaching, from basic skills to painting on the computers, gave me a real feeling of accomplishment. Back home I have fundraised for  the Catholic Childrens Society, CAFOD and Christian Aid; my religious beliefs compel me to care for others, and I have also volunteered promoting Age Concern and at the PDSA shop. Working in different environments demands has interpersonal skills and responsibility, which also gained me ‘Peer Supporter’ at college to help students settle in through planning fun activities. Leadership was essential as well as an approachable attitude. Apart from academics I have been a part of 'Pinnacle Performing Arts' for 3years to improve my confidence, and I also enjoy badminton to relieve stress. I will take a gap year prior to my studies, for which I will teach English in a Nepalese orphanage after having raised funds through part time work. I will continue to volunteer with charities including Mencap and plan to gain work experience at other hospitals.


My previous endeavours and my gap year plans epitomise my dedication and determination to achieve my lifelong dream: to combine my two great loves, of science and people, to serve others. Although I am aware of the challenges ahead, I will be more than ready to take up my place in a year’s time.


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