Business Personal Statement

Having grown up observing the challenges and rewards of growing an international business, I have become ever more determined to gain the skills, knowledge and experience that will allow me to achieve similar levels of success. Watching as my father and mother established export businesses from Russia to China, expanding on single jobs to create a flourishing company, I have always been aware of the central place of communication between cultures in gaining a foothold in an increasingly globalised economy. As I have discovered an interest and aptitude for both business and languages in my own studies, I have become inspired to emulate their achievements. Supplementing my existing knowledge and skills in these areas through undergraduate study is the next essential step to succeeding in this goal. Having been raised in the Ukraine, I have worked hard to gain experience of studying within the UK system and to gain the requisite command of the English language to produce a high standard of written work. My dedication to my studies is reflected in my achievements at GCSE level and my current strong grades in A-Level Business Studies, Economics and French. While the first two of these subjects have obviously laid a solid foundation upon which to continue study in the field, I have also been sure to continue studying a range of languages to improve my ability to communicate across multiple contexts. Alongside my command of Ukrainian and English, I have undertaken A-level study in French and Russian; achieved a GCSE in Chinese; intermediate level command of German and Latin; and I am currently working towards a GCSE in Spanish. Study of each of these languages informs the others, increasing my awareness of their grammar and structure and helping me to gain the skills necessary to communicate with the maximum number of people.

I also believe that it is important to gain practical experience of business, in addition to the observation that has characterised my young life, to gain an idea of how the theory I have studied is applied. To this end, I took part in the Young Enterprise Scheme; planning and executing a successful ‘cinema night’ at my school and taking part in the selling of flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Getting to grips with business plans, calculating the most profitable business options and making these plans a reality through teamwork and leadership were all valuable experiences that this scheme offered. Equally, two months of work experience at the Smugglers’ Caves tourist attraction in Hastings also demonstrated how the principles of business applied within a particular industry and how the challenges of its partially seasonal nature had to be overcome. Communicating with visitors from all over the world also offered experience of using my language skills within a service and sales environment.

In my spare time, I also like to explore my interests in business and finance through keeping up with current affairs. I read The Economist and The Business Review, while my daily internet browsing always starts with the BBC news pages. Recognising the importance of leadership in business and beyond, I also contribute to my school community. As a Student Mentor I assist younger pupils with academic or personal problems they may be facing, while my role on the Charity Committee allows me to gain experience of business administration while raising money for good causes.

As a capable, ambitious student of business and languages, I have worked to further my understanding and experience in both fields. Having placed myself in academic and business positions that have allowed me to communicate with people from a range of countries, I am hoping to expand on this through undergraduate study to gain the skills necessary to play a role in international business in the future.


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