Business Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by the way in which a business’ organisational structure can affect its performance, particularly when it comes to marshalling its key assets: its people. Having gained work and extra-curricular experience of the importance of teamwork and communication in achieving common goals, and begun my studies in related fields, I am keen to learn as much as possible about the way in which these key aspects can be enacted to ensure success within the world of business. I have already begun my journey towards turning this personal interest into academic expertise, and am currently studying a course in Business Management at the University of Greenwich. This has provided an excellent foundation for further study in the field and has introduced me to various ways of thinking about the structure and organisation of a business in an academic sense. Through hard work and much additional reading, I am happy to say that I have not only been able to feed my pre-existing interest, but have also been able to perform to a high standard throughout.

Studying at the University of Greenwich has also introduced me to the unique challenges that studying in the UK presents. While I might have been concerned, prior to studying here, that I may have been unable to produce the appropriate level of written work, the grades I have obtained throughout my studies have reassured me that this is not a problem. In fact, I have come to consider the process of critical thinking and communicating the results of this process as particular strengths of mine. Proving these skills within a UK context has not only built my confidence as a student of the field, but has also given me a more international perspective on the topic, which is essential in an ever more globalised economy.

Aware that hands-on experience is also essential to understanding how these principles are enacted within a real world context, I have also made every effort to gain work experience. A Summer Internship at the Tenji Group’s HR department, for example, was a catalyst for inspiring my interest in the way in which well maintained employee/employer relationships can help a business to thrive. Inspired by this experience, I have gone on to read widely around these subjects of business strategy and personnel management, regularly reading journals and books on the subject.

The interpersonal focus of this aspect of the subject area, I believe, also compliments my personal qualities as well as my intellectual interests. I have always been good with people, either when working as a team or in a leadership role. Being Class Monitor in my senior year, for example, offered experience of balancing the maintenance of good relationships with staff and students with the organisational challenges related to holding school events. The rewarding nature of the role went a long way to convincing me of my ability to undertake similar tasks at a higher level, and I would relish the opportunity to gain as much knowledge as possible to help me achieve this.

I also enjoy utilising my teamwork and leadership skills on the sports field, as a keen player of both basketball and football. I also enjoy socialising with friends and am proud of my ability to create strong relationships with a range of people.

I have proven myself to be a strong and capable student of Business Management, with an interest and passion that drives me to gain excellent results. More importantly, however, I also believe that I possess personal qualities that will allow me to utilise the knowledge and experience I gain through studying this course in a real world context and achieve my ultimate goal of building business relationships between the UK and China.


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