Medicine Personal Statement

Without the dedication and skill of the medical staff at Guy’s Hospital it is very possible that myself, and my mother, would not be here today. Experiencing the compassion with which my family’s health problems have been met with, it has become my ultimate ambition to emulate this within my own career. It is this ambition, allied with the intellectual desire to understand the complex beauty of the human body that will drive me to succeed in undergraduate study. Biology and Chemistry have offered an in-depth understanding of a range of topics, including the way in which genetics and genetic conditions shape our lives, something that is of great personal interest. I have also explored my interests in human anatomy through my study of Art, undertaking a project on the interactions between art and science. Through observing and representing the human body I have reinforced the knowledge of its composition and processes that I gained through my other subjects.

I have undertaken work placements in a GP’s surgery, a pharmacy and a busy Accident and Emergency Department. In all three, I observed the importance of communication skills within the field, particularly in grounding the holistic, patient-centred approach of a local GP. The pressures of an A&E department provided different opportunities and challenges, such as working a part of a larger, multi-disciplinary team and efficiently dealing with a range of situations of differing severity. The process of diagnosis fascinates me, and I was inspired to learn more of the science behind each condition, a hunger for knowledge that will drive me through undergraduate study. Working within a pharmacy also required communication skills in order to deal with a range of patients, as well as good attention to detail to ensure the correct distribution of medicine. Treating each patient individually, listening to them and reading their body language, foregrounding their dignity and respecting their confidence were key approaches that I utilised throughout these experiences, and throughout my everyday life.

I have found that voluntary work at a local hospice has proved to be a hugely rewarding, valuable opportunity to witness and employ the compassion and patience which are essential within the profession. Responding to the physical and emotional effects of terminal disease has demonstrated the necessity for taking care of both mental and physical health. The gratitude I received from a traumatised patient’s family, whom I counselled through his refusal of both medication and food, introduced me to the intense rewards, as well as the need to adjust to the fact that medicine has its ultimate limits.

In my spare time I like to increase my scientific knowledge through reading journals and related books. Reading about how natural elements, such as silver and gold, can be used in medical treatment, for example, demonstrates the exciting avenues for future research and the limitless potential of the field. Attending open days and taster sessions at a range of universities, speaking to medical staff and students, increased my confidence that I have what it takes to undertake work and study within the field.

Enhancing teamwork and organisational skills through my roles as Deputy Head Girl and House Captain, my strong performance at school has been recognised through numerous accolades, including a Leadership Skill Certificate and Student of the Year award. I am also dedicated to exploring my creative side through music, dance, drama and art, having taken part in organising and performing in a range of charity events.

Combining my own inspiring experience of medical care with knowledge of the profession and its challenges and rewards, I am convinced that I have an awareness of what it takes to study and work within the field, and the passion, dedication and ability necessary to become a success within this chosen career.


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