Business and Finance Postgraduate Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by business and finance, ever since my father took me to meetings at his company when I was a young child. Needless to say, at that age my fascination was born out of the seemingly impenetrable language in which these things were talked about. As that language has become ever clearer to me through work and study, however, my interest in the field has only grown. The childlike enthusiasm remains, but is continually bolstered by a greater understanding of the nuances of a highly complex system and the inescapable impact that is has on all of our lives. Following my interests throughout my educational career, it has always been my goal to study finance at a prestigious UK institution. Having moved to Swansea to undertake undergraduate study, this prime goal has been reinforced by strong performances in related modules in Corporate Finance and Quantitative Method. I enjoy the logical, methodical aspects of a subject based around adopting a mathematical approach and am sure that my strong performance can be put down to this approach fitting perfectly with my own natural intellectual approach to problem solving. This methodical approach has also been encouraged by the challenges of studying in a second language, as it requires a greater concentration and attention to detail to ensure that I am not missing crucial information that might be apparent to a native English speaker. I have worked hard throughout my studies to ensure that this has not been a problem and am very proud to say that I now consider myself fluent in the language.

Aware that studying theory and applying that theory to reality are very different things, I have also supplemented my studies with work experience in the field. A summer internship at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) gave me an insight into the working of a successful bank, and honed my ability to communicate with colleagues and clients. Working and studying across two international contexts has also made me aware of the truly international nature of the financial industry and has spawned a particular interest in the role of exchange rates in the economic and political wellbeing of nations, regions and, ultimately, the world, something I would be keen to explore in greater detail.

These interests also influence my extra-curricular activities I can often be found reading books and journal, both non-fictional and fictional, which are concerned with aspects of the financial industry. I particularly enjoy novels which are based in this sector not only for the entertaining way in which they expound on theory but also for their ability to demonstrate the excitement of working in the field. As a fast-moving sector it is also important to keep up with the latest developments. I find The Wall Street Journal essential reading in this regard.

I am a dedicated and hardworking student, who has always responded to greater challenge and responsibility with aplomb. As the Monitor of my high school class of 67 pupils, I was in charge of organisation, discipline and assisting fellow students with any issues. This role taught me about responsibility and leadership, which are essential attributes in and influential field like finance.

I have followed my intellectual hunger through reading, study and work experience, yet I am aware that there are still many fascinating avenues for future research. By exploring these at postgraduate level I hope to create the foundation for a fruitful and rewarding future career in the sector or in academia.

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