Urban Design Personal Statement

With greater numbers of the world's population choosing, or often finding it a necessity, to make their home in urban environments it has never been more important for those of us concerned with their planning and design to continue to find ways to make the most of the exciting opportunities urban living can provide, as well as mediating the potential negative impact of a significant shift away from rural living. With proven passion and experience within the field of landscaping, both in academic and employment contexts, I have shown an aptitude for related fields of urban design and a commitment to learning new skills that will ensure I remain a dedicated and competent student, as well as motivating to play a significant role in the future of this process. Having completed an undergraduate degree in Landscape at Beijing Forestry University, I have gained a strong grasp of urban landscaping. In addition, this course also offered a solid introduction to the broader field of urban design and planning. It was through study in this area that I realised that my key interests lay in this more overarching view of the urban environment and it was this, alongside a natural aptitude for the field, which have motivated me to undertake further study.

Outside of academia I have also worked hard to gain further experience in both landscaping and other related aspects of urban design. Between March and May 2009 I worked at the Beijing Urban Construction Research Institute, providing assistance in landscape planning and design projects. More recently, I have been working at the New Record Planning and Design Institute as a full-time Landscape Designer. This role has offered the opportunity to both take charge of small projects and play a key role in several large-scale projects, often related to tourism. Both these experiences have allowed me to gain a strong understanding of all aspects of the design process, as well as improving the teamwork and interpersonal skills that will allow me to flourish in further study and beyond.

While I am aware that studying in a second language will offer a range of challenges I believe that my strong track record at undergraduate level proves that I have shown the kind of dedication to my studies that will allow me to overcome them. During my time at Beijing Forestry University I worked as a Family Education Teacher, from which I learnt excellent communication skills, alongside a range of study skills, which have helped me to perform the best of abilities. Helping others with their education has allowed me to adopt a self-reflexive approach to my own studies and to strengthen aspects that require strengthening. This experience, combined with my already strong grasp of English, suggests that I have the desire and ability to learn new skills where necessary to achieve my goal of studying in the UK.

Both in academia and employment I have proven myself dedicated to forging a successful career in urban design. A combination of skill, experience, knowledge and aptitude has already allowed me to gain a foothold within the field, but I am aware that further study at a prestigious UK institution would go a long way to allowing me to fully realise my potential. It is this ambition to play a significant role in mediating the many potential challenges of urban living, and to help create cities that are built around the needs of humanity, that has driven throughout my studies and career thus far, and that will continue to motivate me in future study and beyond.

Hopefully this Urban Design personal statement example will be a useful guide to relevant content and structure for writing your personal statement.