Research Methods Postgraduate Personal Statement

My application to study for the Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methods is inspired by my ambition to develop and refine the research skills I already have, and which I have been using extensively over the past few years in my various employment posts.  I have several years’ experience of working in the healthcare environment and analysing the data which emerges from research, written reports and contemporary practice, and have, as a result, a clear idea of how much I still need to learn if I am to make a real success of my career.  My plan is to continue my exploration of the subject until I can gain a PhD in Public Health and Epidemiology, and apply my understanding and skills in the field.  My first degree in Physiology, combined with my later work for qualifications in Business and Management and my MSc in Public Health, have given me a range of skills which have put me in a strong position for the sort of work I plan to do for the rest of my career.  I have read quite widely in the subject, including works such as Ann Bowling’s Research Methods in Health: Investigating Health and Health Services, a clear and well planned account, touching on various research techniques, such as mixed research and life history interviews, and delving into the psychological and sociological concepts research can call up.  Joanne Neale’s Research Methods for Health and Social Care, and Needham, Bullman and Gomm’s Evaluating Research in Health and Social Care were also full of useful and clearly explained material.  I am particularly interested in the modules of the course which deal with Designing Quantitative Research for Social Science and Health, and Quantitative Data Analysis, both of which seem to offer promising material for more advanced academic research. I have very much enjoyed my work in the area of research assessment and analysis, partly because such work has a chance of leading to change and improvement in practices which can benefit everyone.  Most recently I have been working for the Universal Medicare Foundation as an International Public Health Analyst/Promoter, conducting data quality reviews and merging information from various data sets.  I ran searches in literature, wrote clear and concise reports, and helped with analysis of statistics.  I made on-site reviews of local health schemes and designed and implemented health education programmes for various users.  I ran a project on cancer screening, advising on how to increase uptake, and also how to supply information on AIDs and STIs in targeted African communities.  Before this placement I worked for Enfield PCT in 2009 and 2010, carrying out health needs assessments in areas with low uptake of breast screening, and researched national evidence to devise a policy to increase uptake.  I did much planning and evaluation of health promotion programmes and interventions.  Before that I was with Universal Medicare, working on statistical methods to assess and describe healthcare conditions in the population and identify inequalities.  I was much involved with the promotion of the screening programme and the analysis of effectiveness of promotion methods.

I believe that my work experience has equipped me well for the Postgraduate course, and the projects I have undertaken in employment and as part of my MSc course (for two of which I gained distinctions) enabled me to explore and understand research methods for my own immediate use.  Outside my healthcare work I have been able to develop good time management, leadership and communication skills from my involvement in sports, such as swimming, volleyball and tennis. I also enjoy reading and games which puzzle the intellect.

I work hard, learn quickly and adapt easily to my working environment, and I work well with others, who find me easy-going and friendly. I feel a strong commitment to my chosen career and believe I have the qualities and experience necessary to make a real success of the Certificate course.


Hopefully this Research Methods Postgraduate Personal Statement sample will provide inspiration for your own personal statement to apply to university.