IT/Business Personal Statement Sample

  IT/Business Personal Statement

Information Systems have changed our world and continue to do so, on an almost daily basis. Businesses, in particular, cannot function in the contemporary marketplace without a solid understanding of the ways in which these systems can be utilised to improve performance. Having always been fascinated by the transformative power of IT, particularly within the context of business, I have focused my studies on developing the skills necessary to pursue my ultimate goal of combining these interests and running my own company within the IT sector.


As a dedicated student I have achieved strong grades in all of my subjects. Needless to say, my interest in ICT have inspired me to gain a strong foundation of knowledge in this area, not only through AS- and A-level study but also through undertaking a supplementary HTML computer developer certificate through I have also worked hard to gain the fundamental skills necessary to pursue my interest in business, honing my understanding of mathematics through AS- and A-level study and pursuing knowledge of the Law, especially commercial and business law; studying towards a BTEC in the subject.


Of course, gaining theoretical knowledge of a field and witnessing its application in the real world are two very different things. In order to gain practical experience of both IT and business I undertook three weeks work experience with a computer marketing company, S&R Marketing. I spent time working with various departments within the company, including marketing, system design and customer relations. The importance of communication to business was highlighted by the interdisciplinary nature of this experience and I worked hard to foster strong working relationships with all of my colleagues. I was also lucky enough to take part in the design of an IT system; which allowed me to observe and participate in the process from beginning to end, gaining an understanding of identifying the client’s needs and then planning the best way to fulfil them. Having undertaken previous work experience in the service industry, I found the teamwork skills that I had honed extremely useful in allowing me to play a valuable role within a larger project and to consider the essential interpersonal as well as the technological aspects of business.


In my spare time I like to explore my interests in IT, business and entrepreneurship by reading a range of books related to the subject. I find key figures that straddle both aspects of technology and business particularly inspiring and recently very much enjoyed reading about the life and work of Steve Jobs. Emulating an eminent figure such as this, through starting my own business, is my ultimate goal.


I am also a keen sportsman and have captained my local team for five years. This role has taught me a great deal about time management, dedication and leadership, all skills that will prove essential within future study and entrepreneurial activity. To relax, I enjoy playing music and studied the clarinet for two years.


While I have gained a range of ICT and business knowledge through study and work experience, I am more than aware of the vast amount of knowledge that is still left to be uncovered. Having been inspired by reading about those who have risen to the highest positions within global technology and business, I am excited by the prospect of studying organisations and processes of all sizes, gaining the knowledge necessary to make my own contribution to these interconnected fields in the future.


It is hoped that you have found this IT/Business Personal Statement Sample to be useful.