Medical Personal Statements

Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing are among the most competitive courses at any university. Our programme of bespoke undergraduate personal statements is unique: after sending you a detailed questionnaire to find out everything that makes you stand out, our expert team of experienced writers will put this all into a UCAS statement that will be sure to grab the attention of the admissions team. 

Medical School Personal Statements

The good: more medical school places

Let’s start with the good news: everyone agrees that we need more doctors. And you are needed - in 2016, Jeremy Hunt announced that, by 2018, the number of medical school places would increase by 25%. But this still leaves over 20,000 students per year applying for this course – and that’s 20,000 medical personal statements that admission tutors are ploughing through. 

 The not so good: 

The medical personal statement is what makes the difference between the successful candidates and those who face disappointment. Thousands are rejected outright each year, in spite of being predicted A* grades at A Level and having valuable work experience. And the competition is likely to get even greater.

What makes the medical personal statement so difficult?

For many of you, the medical personal statement is the first step into, potentially, a job for life - and so it needs to combine not only evidence of a first-class mind, but that you’ve really thought about this life-changing choice and have the personal qualities - empathy, resilience, professionalism - to succeed. 

It is a great idea to get as much work experience as possible, seeing as many departments of a hospital as you can, attending pre-med conferences run by universities, and perhaps talking to junior doctors. A successful medical personal statement would refer to all this. You might even be inspired by a particular area: some first year medical students already intend to specialise in psychiatry or paediatrics, for example.  One of the problems is that there is so much to it - even after the five year medical degree, junior doctors face years of further training. Yet potential medics face the same selection process as other UCAS courses, having to distill all the late nights of preparation into a 4000 word medical personal statement - due on 15th October! And this is where we come in.

How we can help your medical personal statement:

At the heart of our service is our detailed questionnaire: we aim to know as much about you as possible so we can pick out your strengths and show them off in your medical personal statement. Many candidates have CVs bursting with work experience, extra reading, and out of school activities, but sometimes it is a struggle to pick out just what it is that will give your medical personal statement that extra competitive edge. Our experienced writers and academics know which of your achievements will impress the most, and will make sure your medical personal statement shows you at your very best. 

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Dentistry Personal Statement

Applying for a dentistry degree is a huge decision: five years of study is a big investment. But thousands will have made the same choice, and only around 10% of applicants are finally offered a place. A great dentistry personal statement will maximise your chances of being one of the lucky few.

Why dentistry?

As a potential dentist, you will know that it involves far more than glancing into someone’s mouth every six months. A good dentistry personal statement will recognise the enormous importance a dentist can have for our nation’s health and well-being. It’s well known, for example, that as well as detecting problems with teeth and gums, dentists can identify the first signs of oral cancer and other disorders. And while extractions and fillings are one side of the job, procedures such as orthodontics, veneers, and bridgework can, quite literally, bring back someone’s smile - what better job satisfaction can there be?

What next for a dentistry degree?

As well as reading broadly around the subject, many potential dentists will have gained work experience, perhaps shadowing in their local practice: all things that look good on the dentistry personal statement. Some might even have a career pathway in mind already. Many dentists aspire to own their own practice; others to specialise in cosmetic or restorative dentistry, orthodontics, or even oral and maxillofacial surgery. Your dentistry personal statement is the ideal place to mention any specialist interests you may have picked up.

How we can help:

The first big step in your career is to be amongst those 1 in 10 applicants who are lucky enough to be offered a place. Our team know how much work you will already have put in, finding out that this is the right course for you: our job is to help you put your skills, activities, and experiences together in a way that will make your dentistry personal statement unmissable. 

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Nursing Personal Statement

The face of nursing has changed enormously over the past decades. There are more nurses working in healthcare than any other profession, with many roles inside and outside hospitals. The increased status of nursing means that it is now more popular than ever: with over nine applicants for each place, the nursing personal statement is critical. 

Nurses: graduates only, please...

Since 2013, nursing has been a fully graduate profession, and we can help you produce the nursing personal statement that will prove you have what it takes. For some, the graduate-only route is great news: it gives nursing the respect it deserves and paves the way for further career development. Some applicants mention this in their nursing personal statement, and you may well already be thinking about Masters-level programmes.

For others, perhaps this makes things that little bit more difficult - but this is where we can help. 

Getting ahead in nursing with an outstanding personal statement 

A nursing personal statement needs to show your understanding of how this profession is evolving to meet the demands of the 21st century - and that you are not only committed to patient care but have the aptitude for a demanding university course. Many applicants will have read around the subject, and will also have spent time gaining as much practical experience as possible, perhaps volunteering in a hospital. But even the most committed applicants might struggle with cramming all this preparation and experience into the nursing personal statement.

How we can help

Compassion, professionalism, and reliability are essential to nursing, but many applicants find it difficult for these and all their other personal qualities to shine through in their nursing personal statement. We don’t think it’s fair that the nurses of the future could lose out on their dream career just because writing might not be their strength. Our bespoke nursing personal statement service will look at your profile carefully, and provide you with what’s necessary to get you into your nursing school of choice. 

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Oxbridge Personal Statement

Our Elite Personal Statement Service

To provide the best possible statement, our Oxbridge service supplies you with a fully-written or edited personal statement using one of our Oxbridge team who are all professional and experienced writers. This includes a week review period to ensure that your statement is tailored to your exact requirements maximising your first choice success.

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Platinum Personal Statement

Written Personal Statements

Our Platinum service takes the stress and anxiety out of writing your personal statement by producing one for you, based on the information you send us via a questionnaire. Our writers are experts at picking up on details, analysing content and cross-referencing. This means they can produce personal, accurate and quality statements for you.

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Gold Personal Statement

Professional Personal Statement Edits

Our Gold service offers thorough proof-reading and editing of your personal statement draft by professional writers. This means that though we won't write new material, you have complete control over what you want your statement to look like and we can simply polish it, turning it into a grammatically high-quality final version that's ready to send off.

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