Project Management Postgraduate Personal Statement

Successfully executing engineering projects requires not only a strong grasp of the mathematical and scientific knowledge specific to engineering as an academic discipline but also an awareness of the logistical issues that running such a project may involve. Combining effective project management skills with engineering knowledge is the only way to ensure that both of these core aspects are catered for. Having shown myself to be a capable student of engineering and an asset on construction projects throughout my studies, I believe that I have demonstrated a flair for both engineering and management. Successfully completing a range of modules during undergraduate study, covering all aspects of the discipline, I am confident that I have the academic ability to progress to the postgraduate level. In addition to the theoretical knowledge that I have gained I have also worked hard to acquire qualifications in many practical aspects of the field. With certificates signifying completion of individual courses or training in project and business management, EPC project execution and relevant computer packages, it is apparent that I also have the interest and ability to apply this theoretical knowledge in the field.

Opportunities for this application of knowledge have come in the form of various employment positions. In 2010, I worked as a civil engineer, using computer-aided design to design the roofix system for Azadi Stadium in Tehran. This position built upon my previous work placement as Assistant to the Project Manager with Khakopey Consulting Engineering Company, working on a 75,000 capacity stadium in Isfahan. This varied role included controlling, approving and reviewing concrete and structure tests by third party companies and I earned a certificate demonstrating 30 hours of training in concrete test and analysis. I was also responsible for liasing with and coordinating the involvement of all third party companies, including presenting information to the board on work bids. This range of duties, alongside daily health and safety and equipment checks, gave me an excellent overview of what managing a project entails.

Outside of study and employment I have also had opportunities to explore my interests in engineering and management. Assisting the project manager of the 2012 Olympic park in London, on a voluntary basis, allowed me to utilise my existing skills from my previous employment, while also developing an awareness of working on a similar type of project in the UK context. I also try and work hard to make sure that I do not neglect the process of consistently updating my knowledge of the field. As a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers and Institute of Mechanical Engineers I always try and remain aware of developments within the profession. Reading Civil Engineering Magazine also helps me to keep on top of developments within the field.

Outside of engineering I am equally inspired by sport and culture. As an active member of the Persian Society at Brunel, I eventually occupied the position of President. This proved an excellent opportunity to offer support and leadership to other students while also inspiring interactions between cultures. As a keen footballer and hockey player, I also consider myself a strong team player as well as a leader. Exploring the economic aspects of engineering and management has inspired an interest in finance and I am a regular reader of the Financial Times and always follow the markets closely.

As my strong academic track record and my proven ability to apply this knowledge in a practical role indicates I have demonstrated that I am a capable and hardworking student and employee. Having strived to gain understanding and experience within as many aspects of the industry as possible, from specific technical skills to business and management skills, I believe I have also shown dedication and drive that will inspire me to perform to the same high standard in postgraduate study and beyond.


Hopefully this Project Management postgraduate personal statement example will prove to be useful when you are applying to university through UCAS.