Nursing Personal Statement

Nursing has always been a childhood dream of mine, which I am finally able to pursue now that my own children have grown up. The doctors and nurses who recently helped me overcome illness, always carrying out their work with pride and joy. I want to follow in their footsteps and utilise my skills to care for the vulnerable, sick and elderly. My ultimate ambition is to set up a community clinic in Nigeria, my homeland. From an academic perspective I find medicine fascinating. During my treatment I was amazed by the complexities of the various machines and techniques, such as taking biopsies, bone scanning, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. This inspired me to discover more, so I have studied nursing, diseases and medical advancements by reading newspapers and journals. I also completed a Pre-NVQ in Care in 2005 and a First Aid Certificate in 2008. I find midwifery particularly interesting, and look forward to learning more about this at university level.

I attained practical nursing experience by working as a Care Assistant at a care home in 2005. My role included providing personal basic care to the sick and elderly including bathing, dressing and feeding. I enjoyed using my patience and listening skills to building close relationships with the residents, assisting them whilst allowing them to live independent lives. In Nigeria I was also a member of my church “Follow-up Team,” which visited the sick and elderly and distributed church funds to serve their needs.

Though my other employment experience does not relate directly to nursing, I have acquired many of the key skills necessary to be a good nurse. My current role (2005 – present) as a Security Officer in a university hall of residence requires excellent communication skills, in order to liaise with college officials and the emergency services. Beyond the scope of my job description I also provide valuable support to the students, listening to their problems, guiding them through difficult times and visiting them when they are unwell. I have also developed good written communication skills, as I am responsible for writing incidence reports. Prior to this (2000-2004) I worked as Director of Finance & Administration at a Nigerian travel company. I was responsible for marketing, sales and general administration including producing bi-annual reports and personnel. I developed the ability to work in a highly organised, well-planned manner. My language skills (I speak native French and fluent English) enabled me to communicate with our diverse client-base.

Having raised three children alongside this full-time employment, I have developed excellent time management skills and an awareness of the needs of others. I also play an active role in the community – in Nigeria I was a Church Cell Leader, which involved organising event catering, and a member of the Rotary Club in Nigeria, which undertook a wide range of community activities. These leadership roles have taught me to be assertive and have greatly increased my self-confidence. I love working in a team, meeting new people and making them feel at ease, often by singing to entertain people. I believe that this, coupled with my diligence, flexibility and self-motivation, will make me an asset to any nursing team.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, I look forward to hearing from you.


Hopefully this Nursing Personal Statement sample will be helpful for students who want to get help with their personal statement and uni application.