Politics Personal Statement

  Politics Personal Statement

Having been raised abroad before relocating to the UK, I have had experience of the way in which we are shaped by the different cultures in which we live. Understanding the relationships between cultural and political contexts is not only an essential task for those who choose to relocate but also holds promise for the alleviation of many of the world’s problems. By supplementing this personal experience through study, I have become even more convinced of my desire to study these contexts further and the potential for inspiring change this may ultimately engender.

I have gained excellent grades in Government and Politics and Psychology, both of which are applicable to understanding society and the individuals that constitute it. I am also currently working on an Extended Project dissertation, entitled “Is the inability to have world peace psychological or purely political?”, which combines my interests in both fields to explore the many existing political, psychological and philosophical definitions of ‘war’ and ‘peace’ and how they are enacted in different societies.

Having been educated in two different national systems, I am also passionate about acquiring the language skills that allow me to communicate across cultures. In addition to Romanian and English, I have also learnt Spanish and Russian. A school trip to St Petersburg allowed me to use these language skills in a real world context, as well as to learn more about Russian history and culture. My passion for languages also extends into my extra-curricular activities, including teaching English in a summer camp for primary school children in Romania. The communication, organisation and teamwork skills that this role honed also proved useful during volunteer work in a care home for the elderly in the UK, where my role involved organising two entertainment performances.

As Senior International School Prefect, I am responsible for maintaining and building upon my school’s links with India and China, as well as building links with a school in Romania. This role is especially challenging as it involves understanding different systems and viewpoints to ensure that relationships are maintained through knowledge exchange, video conferencing and charity work. As a member of the Politics Society, I have also helped to organise and attended many sessions with senior figures in government, such as David Laws, John Glen, Lord Crisp and Judge Keith Cutler. Attending a presentation by the Global Poverty Project, supplemented the knowledge I had gained from these sessions by opening my eyes to some of the challenges facing the global political community and the approaches countries have taken to finding solutions. Reading around the subject, including Taming The Gods, Ian Buruma’s investigation into the strains between politics and religion, has also helped me to gain multiple perspectives, as have periodicals and newspapers from the UK and Romania.

Away from politics and culture, I enjoy my role as a Senior Academic Mentor, which allows me to pass on my passion for education to younger students, in a patient manner adapted to each individual. I am also keen on sport, playing tennis regularly and swimming for my school team, through which we raise money for my local Rotary Club.

My hardworking attitude has reaped rewards across two international contexts and proves my suitability for further study in related fields. More importantly, my passion for implementing diplomatic solutions through patient communication will not only drive me throughout this study but also into a career that will allow me to utilise these qualities.