Air Transport Management Personal Statement

From an early age I have travelled lots and have always been fascinated by different airports throughout the world. I love the bustling multicultural atmosphere. I have watched nearly every episode of 'airport' and 'airline' and enjoy keeping up with developments in the industry, such as the progress of Terminal 5. I want to study Air Transport at university to gain a deeper insight into this exciting industry, and plan to spend the third year of my course working in Dubai for Ethihad Airlines where I have family connections. My ultimate career goal is to manage an airport, which is why I have chosen a course with a combined Management element. I have very strong leadership skills, as my selection for several managerial roles shows. In 2008 I received a Sports Leadership Award, which involved planning activities for children from different schools around the area, teaching them sport and encouraging them to stay active. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and motivating others. At school I act as a mentor for children in lower years, talking to them about their progress and listening to them read. I was also elected by my peer group to act as a student representative, forming a link between the student body and staff, voicing any concerns people have raised at regular meetings.

As well as being responsible and mature, managers must be good at problem solving and show initiative. In 2008 I took part in the Young Enterprise scheme and was selected as a team leader of the team which scored highest. We had to create an environmentally friendly energy-saving product, perform timed problem-solving tasks and deliver presentations about solar panels, saver light bulbs and recycling. I am really interested by the current discussions on how to reduce the environmental impact of air travel. I currently studying E-commerce and the impact of IT on Business Systems as part of my B-tech (I am predicted distinctions in these modules), which have been my favourite topics so far. I look forward to applying my technological knowledge and skills in my future career in the air travel industry.

Another reason I have chosen this career path is that it will enable me to make use of my strong interpersonal skills. I love meeting new people and am able to communicate with a wide range of individuals. I have developed excellent customer service skills through my employment - I worked for a year at McDonalds, and always greeted customers warmly. This year I have worked at the front desk of a mechanics garage and have conducted telephone interviews for ICM Research, which required good listening skills and the ability to communicate clearly and accurately. The feedback I got after doing work experience at a primary school in 2007 (answering telephones, greeting parents, administrative work) said that I was “cheerful, sensible, fits in well, diplomatic, and great with kids – even the difficult ones”, of which I was very proud.  My language skills (I am bilingual – English and Urdu - and am currently learning Arabic) widen the range of people with whom I can interact, and will be invaluable when working in the international setting of an airport.

I have a very strong work ethic and thrive when working under pressure. I have developed excellent time management skills which have enabled me to maintain 100% attendance at school whilst also undertaking part time employment and extra-curricular pursuits.  I play cricket for Howell Men’s team and have represented my school in Badminton. I used to be in the Beavers and then Scouts, where I had the opportunity to fly a glider, which was amazing and reinforced my desire to study Air Transport.  I plan to play an active role in university life.  I know that the course will be tough but I am a very determined individual and prepared to work as hard as is necessary to achieve my goals.



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