Oncology Postgraduate Personal Statement

Like many people, my life has been touched by cancer and I have lost two precious family members to its various forms. These tragic circumstances have consequently driven me to pursue a professional speciality that allows me to play a role in helping other people to avoid the impact of cancer through learning treatments of, and approaches, to managing the disease. This unique and challenging fellowship is the only one of its kind, in that it offers training opportunities across all forms of oncology specialities in a world renowned centre for treatment and research. As an experienced and highly qualified anaesthesiologist, I have demonstrated consistent dedication and commitment throughout my training, both in India and the UK. I have over ten years experience of studying and working within the field and have covered a range of skills and specialities. I am currently undertaking a Fellowship in Thoracic and Upper GI Anaesthesiology, which allows me to train in various surgical procedures; including Bariatric Procedures, Lobectomy, Pneumonectomy and Video-assisted Thoracoscopic procedures, Rigid Bronchoscopy and repair of Pectus Excavatum and Carinatum. It also allows me to continue building on my interest and skill in managing patients in a critical condition, as I also provide a Senior Registrar on call role covering critical care. I enjoy working in acute emergency clinical situations, as a member of a trauma team, a crash team or in critical care. I find that I am able to remain calm in emergency situations and assess situation carefully before proceeding.

I have also focused on the need to keep improving throughout my education and career, planning each step carefully and making sure that I seek out the assistance I need to gain the necessary expertise. In preparation for this fellowship, I have undertaken additional training courses in advanced life support, including trauma and pediatric support, and the transfer of critically ill patients. In addition to building on the many and varied training opportunities that I have made the most of over the last decade, these specific courses have furnished me with the skills to deal with critical conditions that will proves essential throughout this fellowship programme.

In addition to my work and training in the field, I have also demonstrated a strong commitment to improving care and treatment through research and self-reflexive practice. I have published and presented on several aspects of anaesthesiology and pain management, including comparative studies on pain relief, surgical preparation and trauma management. I also believe that one of the best ways to remain engaged with the field, and to make sure that I continue to learn and develop, is through teaching. I have held a number of teaching positions across a range of topics, as well as being involved in organizing and conducting final FRCA exams.

Throughout my teaching, and my own ongoing educational journey, I have realised the importance of communication skills within anaesthesiology. As part of an interdisciplinary team, it is essential that good relations are maintained. I have also realised the importance of strong leadership and have been able to provide it when appropriate, as well as seeking it out from the appropriate mentors to ensure that I am always improving.

I have retained this hunger for self-improvement throughout my work and study over the last decade, and am confident that I will continue to work hard towards achieving my goal of becoming an outstanding perioperative physician with the skill to provide first class treatment and to teach my colleagues in anaesthesiology to do the same. By combining this drive and positive attitude with the high calibre of training and experience I will receive through this unique opportunity I will have taken great strides towards making this ultimate goal a reality.

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