Nursing Personal Statement

My interest in nursing as a career is of long standing.' When I was a child I was inspired by the example of my aunt, who was a nurse and a midwife, and I was full of respect for her professionalism and confidence.' I am a mature student, a mother of four children, and I believe that my pleasure in caring for them, and my friendly and responsible personality mean that I am temperamentally suited to the profession.' I have waited until my youngest child is at school to begin my training to be nurse, but it is a long nurtured ambition and considered with much maturity of thought.' I am undecided about which area of nursing I should like to spend my career in; it is the diversity of the nurse's role that particularly attracts me.' At present my aim is to be the best nurse I can possibly be, and work my way to a senior position by demonstrating my capabilities.' I am also interested in the idea of teaching nursing and midwifery to future students, partly because I have received such inspiring and thoughtful teaching myself.' Another plan is to convert to midwifery, perhaps, after some time as a general adult nurse.' I am adventurous and eager to try many possibilities. A key attraction for me is the prospect of real job satisfaction in nursing, knowing that I can make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people.' I know that a nurse can have many types of duty, caring for the physical needs of patients, but also counselling them, managing things in a ward, and teaching those in junior positions.' One of my primary qualities is my open, approachable and measured temperament, which I think is essential in a nurse.' I communicate well with my friends and colleagues, listen attentively to the opinions of others, and have good skills in anticipating others' needs.' At the same time I have a professional attitude to responsibilities, and my maturity of thought and attitude would make me a very dependable member of a nursing team.

I am keen to gain experience of the nursing world, and have approached a number of hospitals offering my voluntary services.' I am also in touch with the local midwife service, and look forward to attending antenatal classes.' I am generous with my time in helping others, and friends have suggested that I am well suited to the nursing profession, views that have served to reinforce my own ambitions.

Bringing up four small children has occupied much of my time until now, but I am also interested in travel, seeing other cultures, exploring the religious beliefs in other parts of the world, and particularly sampling their cuisine!' I enjoy music, and work hard to keep fit, attending a local gym.' Healthy food and exercise have always figured in the way I have raised my children, too.' I am multilingual, having fluent Algerian, Arabic, English and French, which must be an asset in an increasingly international world.' I recently learnt to drive, mastering the skill in less than two months, which is an indication of the powers of determination I can offer to any task I set my mind to. I also have a good academic record, and gained a chemistry industrial science degree in my native Algeria before coming to the UK.' I have a qualification in mathematics using a computer, so that my numeracy and IT skills are good.

I am well organized and always give my best to any project.' I am hard working, and relish a challenge.' Being a mother has taught me how to work at several things at the same time, and I maintain a cool head under pressure.' I enjoy the company of others and working in a group, but I have strong powers of initiative, and can be relied upon to work independently.' My time management skills are also highly developed.' I know that nurses never really finish studying, and are always facing new challenges, which is for me a real attraction.' My delight in helping and caring for others is matched by my intellectual curiosity.' I hope you will consider my application.

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