Business Information Management Personal Statement

I have something of a talent for business and a real enthusiasm for Information Technology, and a combination of the two in a degree course would be the ideal gateway to the career I hope to pursue.' One of the great inspirations behind my ambitions was my visit to Dubai when I was about 10 years old.' Even at that early age I was struck by the dynamism of the place, and how clear it was that the driving force behind its phenomenal growth rate was technology.' I knew then that I wanted to be involved in the business world, and as I learnt about the role IT plays in modern business, it became clear to me that this particular aspect of commerce was the one to which' my talents and abilities were best suited.' IT is now at the heart of many organizations, including banking and finance, high-tech industries, consultancies and E-commerce, and the challenges presented by the globalized and online marketplace mean that IT experts will be increasingly in demand and will be able to draw endless fulfilment from their careers.' I am keen to explore such areas as Business Information Management, Business Communication Skills, Database Management, and the ways human beings interact with computers in the business environment. My goal after graduation is to work for an established company before creating my own website and setting up an E-commerce business, which I believe will be the biggest growth area in the future. Indeed, any business that neglects its IT needs is likely to be sidelined in the commercial world, and my hope is that I shall be able to contribute to the development of this exciting sector of the economy. My own experience of the business world includes helping my mother to set up a dry-cleaning firm, for which I designed a website and helped with the advertising and with the accounting.' I worked part-time for an IT repair and retail store in the 'PC Rescue Squad', diagnosing computer problems and repairing them in the workshop as well as dealing with customers in the shop.' I watched the business develop into the leading store in the area, which sharpened my own appetite for the commercial world and motivated me to study the subject.' I spent six months on a Zenos Apprenticeship, a college course treated as a working environment, where I worked from 9 to 5, 5 days a week.' We learnt employment skills and gained qualifications, while working for Microsoft awards and The CompTIA A+ certification.' It amounted to two years of A-level equivalent study packed into six months.' I also spent two weeks on a placement at the Trinity Mirror Group at Canary Wharf, shadowing the professionals and watching as they developed programmes and used the database.' The IT work was familiar, but I was impressed by the scale of the company and the way it was organized. 'I noted the importance of real professionalism in such a high-pressure commercial environment, and my imagination was fired by the prospect of being able to work in such a world and to find the true self-respect which comes from meeting the demands it makes.

Outside my IT interests, I am a keen sportsman, and captained the school football team for a year, learning much about leadership, working in a team and the responsibilities involved in inspiring others.' I go to a gym and have devoted my efforts to achieving physical goals which have called for self-discipline, planning and organization.' I hope I have demonstrated my dependability, maturity of attitude and powers of determination through these activities.

I read Computer Weekly and the Financial Times, and make every effort to keep abreast of new developments in my field. I always work hard and approach problems with confidence and courage.' I enjoy the team environment and truly believe that the best ideas often come from brainstorming ideas with a group of people.' I am totally committed to my goal, and believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate in Business IT.


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