Midwifery Personal Statement Example

Midwifery Personal Statement Example Having experienced the processes of pregnancy and childbirth from a patient’s perspective I am aware of the valuable contribution that midwives make in alleviating not just the medical and physical problems that may occur, but also in offering guidance and comfort on a psychological level. Possessing a caring, compassionate nature, a love for babies and children, an intellectual aptitude for related subject areas and experience of working within the medical profession, I am sure that I can make a valuable contribution in the rewarding process of bringing another life into the world.

I have demonstrated the motivation and ability to succeed across a range of subject areas. Obtaining my Baccalaureate diploma in Romania, I have gained a strong grounding in mathematics and science subjects that have provided an excellent foundation for further study in these fields. I have developed my interests through the Teeside Technical Enterprise Young Scientist Program, which has offered the opportunity to work towards both NVQ level 2 and 3 and, ultimately, a degree in Molecular Science at Teeside University. As well proving that I have the ability to perform to undergraduate level in the field, and that I possess the necessary transferable study skills to succeed in any subject area, these course have also offered the chance to undertake a work experience placement within a scientific field. During my time at Uniqema’s Wilton site, I was tasked with undertaking laboratory experiments to test cosmetic formulations then analysing, interpreting and presenting the results. This honed my ability to undertake teamwork and to complete projects within set timescales, as well as vastly improving my scientific knowledge of both Biology and Chemistry.

In my role as Transport Supervisor for St Mary’s Hospital Non-Emergency Ambulance Service, I have gained experience of working within the healthcare industry to compliment my scientific interests. I have gained sound knowledge of the importance of communication between healthcare professionals and patients, particularly essential in midwifery and I believe that this role has amply prepared me to provide an excellent level of service to patients in the future. This role has also offered many opportunities for further formal training and has allowed me to gain a First Aid Certificate and Level 2 and 3 in Health and Safety, both of which have offered the opportunity to learn skills that will be potentially invaluable in future. I have gained a range of IT certificates throughout my time in employment, as well as managerial, team work and supervisory experience that will aid me with the more practical, administrative aspects of midwifery. Most importantly, my time at St Mary’s has offered the opportunity to play a role in the provision of healthcare. Regularly witnessing the happiness and relief that my colleagues and myself inspire motivates me to continue working within the field.

Outside of my academic and employment experience I also regularly indulge my interests in childcare, not least through my role as a dedicated mother to twin boys. I regularly read books related to midwifery and the information gleaned from these has convinced me it is the right field for me. My desire to play a valuable role within my community also manifests itself in my extra-curricular activities, both through my work as a special constable for the Metropolitan Police and through my plan to undertake a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, so that I can assist those people from my native Romania who do not have the grasp of English that I possess.

As a talented, hardworking and dedicated student I have proven myself capable of performing to a high level across a range of subjects. It is my passion for Midwifery and my overwhelming desire to make a real difference in people’s lives that will drive to continue to perform to this level during undergraduate study and beyond.


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