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medicine Personal Statement Examples I have always been intrigued by the way the workings and fragility of the human body works. The meticulous way in which the body sustains itself is only realised when something fails. I find it compelling the way in which the medical profession copes with this pressure and continually progresses. I am highly motivated to learn as much as possible, as shown by my extensive work experience, in order to further the journey of the medical profession towards it’s goal of making the human body impenetrable to disease and to have the answers to all medical ailments. My logical mind is ideal for the requirements of a successful medical career. I am an avid reader and I like to be in possession of knowledge. I am a Persian and world history enthusiast as well as having a keen interest in English literature. My logical ability is again shown by my ability to learn languages. I speak four fluently.


Due to the ambition I have to work within the medical industry, I have found it necessary to begin earning valuable experience. I have gained clinical skills working as the Manager at Mitra Cell Chemistry Co, Tehran. This company is responsible for the creation of a wide range of chemicals. I had the responsibility of running the company and organising employees as well as learning about the products. I took this opportunity to coerce with professors, doctors and PhD academics in order to gain useful industry knowledge. Memorably, they explained the importance of implementing procedures for sterilization.


I have also gained vital insight into the research side of medicine while working at the Royan Institute where I was asked to help the researchers working on the biology and technology of Embryonic stem Cells, Induced pluripotent, stem cells and many other cells. I was excited and motivated to be working at the cutting edge of research and to be working with new technology.


I have volunteered at MAHAK Children Cancer Centre, Tehran. This involved the translation of research documents and letters to German, English and Arabic for the department of International Relations and Cooperation and allowed me to understand the inner workings of a medical ward. It also showed me the importance of medical documents and the organisation required for the successful running of a medical centre. Volunteering at the Foundation for the Children of Iran prepared me for the harsh reality that working within the medical profession brings.

I recently attended a Biology Conference at Westminster Centre Hall. The lecture I found particularly relevant was by Professor Gordon McVie who spoke about cancer cells and illustrated what happens to cells to cause them to develop into tumors. The lecture initially gripped my attention because of my emotional attachment in regards to my grandfather, who was an inspiration to me and who died of lung cancer. The tragedy of his death left me saddened and frustrated that medicine was unable to save his life. After this lecture, I was inspired to further my knowledge and found the magazine 'Biological Sciences' containing medical articles. My curiosity led me to begin researching public archives for medical articles.


I am currently reading 'The Making of the Fittest' by Sean B. Carroll as well as researching the benefits of alternative medicine in order to cement my knowledge and ascertain my argument on the subject. I have read voraciously about certain Persian plants having medical value including the anticancer effects of Galium mite, and Stachysobtusicrena among others. I have attended seminars and conferences such as Medical Plants National Congress held by The Medical University of Mazandaran. I am hard working, dedicated and capable. I have a natural ability to relate to people, a desire to save people's lives and I am able to deal with emergency situations. I am also dedicated to studying. All of these reasons leave me safe in the knowledge that I am destined for a career path in medicine and to make a difference to people suffering.


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