Medicine Personal Statement

Preserving and improving the health and wellbeing of my community, whilst overcoming countless obstacles, is what inspires me to devote my life to practicing medicine. My appreciation for the profession flourished when my grandmother endured a series of medical complications. I became aware of the importance of a doctor's need to adapt and to be continuously prepared both medically and emotionally. My ambition to study medicine was enhanced by being a surgical inpatient myself. The successful treatment allowed me to take part in activities I was previously unable to do. I am grateful for this and feel inspired both to give something back and to experience the rewarding feeling a doctor gets when a patient makes a full recovery. I gained an invaluable insight when shadowing doctors from the General Surgery team at my local hospital. During ward rounds I observed the importance of effective communication, both with colleagues and patients, as post-operative management of patients was discussed. Attending a multidisciplinary team meeting, I learnt how effective team working skills reflect the significance of interdepartmental care in devising efficient patient-care plans. A memorable moment during my work experience was when the consultant had to impart bad news to a newly-diagnosed breast cancer patient, which emphasised the crucial need to balance attributes such as reassurance and compassion.

Consultations at a GP surgery enabled me to notice a significantly closer doctor-patient relationship, calling for greater emphasis on displaying empathy and trustworthiness to maintain patient satisfaction, particularly when discussing sensitive topics. I also observed how fundamental good history-taking is to diagnosis, especially in a multi-ethnic population where language and culture can pose an obstacle, encouraging me to enhance my own communication skills by self-teaching British sign language.

In volunteering at a nursing home, I became familiar with common geriatric illnesses, how they are managed and how the residents' dignity was respected. Assisting the residents with their daily activities such as cleaning and feeding made me realise the need to build stamina and to be resilient; skills which were crucial in overcoming my physical difficulties throughout A-levels.

I have enjoyed captaining the school rugby team for two consecutive years. The challenges we faced in each tournament developed my lateral thinking when formulating dynamic and successful game plans. My role as Head of Sales during the Young Enterprise scheme enabled me to converse extensively with others, an exercise that developed my teamwork skills. Leadership skills were paramount in ensuring that deadlines were met, as well as utilising my peers' skills and strengths.

An active gap year will provide me with opportunities to hone my skills and new and diverse experiences.' I am volunteering at my local charity, in which we encourage disabled children to take part in activities, such as gardening and sports. Working with the children has shown me the fragile situations some people may be in emotionally, and the need for the carer to provide sensitive and considerate responses.

New discoveries are yet to be made that ultimately improve patient care; be it bench-level research or management reforms that encourage further multidisciplinary care, just one of the many rewarding aspects of the field that excites me. I fully acknowledge the demanding nature of a career in medicine and the lifelong commitment it entails, nevertheless I sincerely believe my driven yet considerate nature, and passion for medicine will ensure my success in this ultimately gratifying profession.

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