Finance Personal Statement

My interest in the world of finance has developed from my A-level studies in business.' I have a natural aptitude for maths, which has always been my favourite school subject, and the one in which I have achieved the best grades.' I enjoy working with numbers, and have some experience of dealing with money.' I know that the accountant's role is of central importance in the successful and smooth running of companies, and there is great appeal in being at the core of the working of a large business in a major economy.' The accountant is increasingly involved in management decisions, both in commercial businesses and in governmental departments.' Furthermore I am attracted by the versatility of the accountant's job, the possibilities of working anywhere in the world, or in any sort of enterprise.' I understand too the immense responsibility that can rest on the accountant's shoulders, and the way that clients can regard him and rely on him as they do their legal advisors.' The demands are great, but so, I believe, are the rewards, and I am convinced that I have the qualities of intellectual agility, reliability, discretion, and the ability to work with others, that are essential in the successful accountant. The complexities of the profession fascinate me.' I know that a thorough understanding of the tax laws is the first requirement, and that it will be necessary to keep alert at all times to changes which might affect one's clients' interests.' I would hope to study this sort of material in the degree course, as well as the data processing systems used in accountancy within an organisation, and the sort of controls needed to safeguard assets.' I am also interested in the forensic accountant's work, the investigation of bankruptcies and complex financial transactions, and the job of valuing assets for liquidation.' Public sector accountancy could be challenging. My particular skills in leadership suggest that the role of management accountant might be most appropriate for me. I would hope to go on to gain the CIMA and ACA qualifications after completing my degree. 'The varieties of work make the whole career prospect very attractive.

My work experience has allowed me to gain some insight into the business world.' I have been involved in our family business at times, working with the finance manager on budgets and cash flow forecasts, and analysing balance sheet information.' I also undertook work experience at Natwest Bank, shadowing the manager and the customer adviser, processing cheques, handling cash and observing the cashiers at work.' I have also some retail experience, working on tills, advising customers, checking stock, and supervising staff.' The immediate reality of the world of day-to-day commerce gave me firm ideas of what I want to do.

Outside the classroom, and my interests in the business world, I lead a very full life.' I am a keen sportsman, captaining the school cricket team for five years, as well as the football team, and boxing for my school for two seasons.' This is why I would argue that my leadership skills have been developed and tested, and have equipped me well for my future career.' The challenge of arduous sports has given me powers of self-discipline and determination, and the strength of character to persist against difficult odds.' I have also done much charity work, recently organising an event which raised '4700 for the flood victims in Pakistan, which made me very proud.' I hold a Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.

I am virtually bilingual, with Urdu as my mother tongue, and very fluent English.' I am hardworking and determined, and entirely focussed on any goal I set myself.' I enjoy working as part of a team, but I am equally happy operating alone, and I believe that I deal with other people politely and patiently.' To become a fully qualified accountant and to be a member of a respected and highly valued profession would be the fulfilment of a true ambition.' I hope you will consider my application.

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