International Relations Personal Statement

I am an avid participant in any political discussion that occurs in daily life and lessons and always follow the news daily. The complexity of international relations became a fascination for me, as I was intrigued by the way nations interact with each other in today’s increasingly interdependent world. I am hoping to study international relations at university as I am greatly looking forward to spending the next three years exploring this phenomenon in detail and being able to develop my discussion skill with knowledge behind me.  

I have always been fascinated by the constantly changing world and have a desire to understand why it changes and how. I am interested in exploring the causes and effects of current and future human interactions. The university course will give me knowledge in this area. I am particularly interested in certain elements of the course, for example; environmentalism, development and human rights as I feel that I have good knowledge of these areas and have beliefs surrounding the issues of these areas


My interest in current affairs and international politics always arises in debated with friends and often results in debating outside lessons, which I thoroughly enjoy. In addition I have attended several organized debates, where I take knowledge and facts to use personally and expand upon. I have a great passion for this as I enjoy it as well as understanding that this develops my knowledge and ability.


I am an involved member of the enterprise team in my school and we created a marketing business. We have an international shop in Cambridge and export the honey from Bulgaria. The business is successful and is still running with a profit now. This shows my commitment to achieving and making sure that things work. I am also a good leader and able to work in a team to get anything done.  I am currently working in a bank in China. This has also improved my time-management skills, as balancing academic and non-academic periods is crucial to meeting deadlines, something that I hope will aid me at university.


Aside from my academic and work interests, I enjoy playing the piano to a high level. I have a great love for this beautiful and expressive art. I am also a keen swimmer and have recently joined the Badminton team and developed such an interest in this sport that I was lucky to become Captain. This has developed my leadership and responsibility skills. I am also a keen artist.


I hope to be able to make a difference in the world. Studying in the UK will surely put me on the right track towards achieving my dreams, as I would like to become a diplomat and promote the relationship between China and Western countries. I speak fluent Chinese and English and believe that this will help me in this area. I found that the best way to learn a language was to learn it first hand, hence how I managed to become fluent.  As a questioning, determined and motivated student, the thought of deepening my knowledge and contributing to university life is one that I greatly look forward to with enthusiasm.


I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that studying in the UK will present. I value very greatly the chance to study international relations and I know that I will learn as much as I put into this experience and I find that my results are a inestimable valuable, precious achievement.

I feel that I am academically and socially equipped for all that university life has to offer. I have always enjoyed looking after people, because it’s rewarding knowing that I have made a difference in their wellbeing. I recognize my own abilities and know when to seek advice and support. I feel that I now have a solid foundation to approach a degree course in adult nursing with confidence.


Hopefully this sample statement will be useful to you