Computer Science Personal Statement

I was one of those children who feel what seems like an instinctive attraction to computer technology and the miraculous potential of IT.  At the age of 12 I was a keen member of the school Electronic Science Club, already determined to spend my life as an expert in electronics, and my enthusiasm and excitement blossomed when I took possession of my own PC at the age of 14.  I learned quickly and was very soon able to assemble and disassemble a PC, analyse its workings and solve problems, often offering my services to friends and colleagues who needed assistance.  It was always my ambition to study for a degree in the subject, and my long-term ambition is still to establish my own computer engineering company to assemble, repair and maintain systems, and to compete with the best in the world.  I believe very strongly in the value and effectiveness of hard work, through which, I believe, most things can be achieved.  The two years I have spent working in England since I graduated from High School in Vilnius have convinced me of the importance of sustained commitment, and of the key role of education in offering me the opportunity to achieve my goals. I am interested in both the hardware and the software involved in IT and I keep abreast of new developments by following news stories in the media and searching for information online, valuing the judgements of both IT professionals and everyday users of systems.  I am eager to explore programming languages and software packages which may be important in the future, and I should like to learn more about hardware design and construction in order to develop and extend my present skills and range of knowledge.  Networks also interest me, and the engineering which sets them up and maintains them.  I believe that I have a creative imagination and a good ability to analyse problems and find original solutions to them, and I also understand the importance of being adaptable in a technological field which is changing almost daily.  The applications are also an important area I should like to explore, such as the rapidly expanding world of e-commerce and the role of IT in industrial processes.  I also appreciate the value of the transferable skills fostered in a degree course in the subject, such as clear communication both on paper and orally, the ability to present reasoned arguments and to organise information, and having the informed understanding to be able to evaluate the outcome of one’s actions – requirements in any professional employment. A degree in Computer Sciences is an excellent training for many areas of the working world.

My work experience in the UK has allowed me to use and extend the IT skills I already possess. I have been working for a firm which distributes collection bags for charities, but have been responsible for the office computers, maintaining them, engineering upgrades and performing system configurations.  It is enjoyable to use my established skill and knowledge in the real world of work, and it has also taught me much about responsibility and the importance of being able to work as part of a team, cooperating with others, consulting them and supporting them when necessary. Even though my workload is considerable, I continue to offer help to other people who have PC issues and always enjoy the business of finding solutions to apparently intractable problems.

I have three languages, my two mother tongues, Lithuanian and Russian, as well as good English, which I am confident will be of great use to me in an increasingly international world.  I am academically able and very hard-working. It is a principle with me not to abandon any project I have undertaken, nor to stop it half way to completion.  I have something of the perfectionist in me and will always strive to complete a job or assignment in the best way possible.  I am totally committed to my goal, and believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.


Hopefully this sample personal statement will be of benefit to you.