Economics Personal Statement

Embarking on my A-level Economics course during the heat of the global downturn, I feel that my eyes have truly opened to the complexities of the field and the critical role that economics plays in society. As editor of the school economics page, I am charged with uploading all the latest news and enjoy following many relevant publications including The Financial Times, Economics Today, The Economist and Undercover Economist. A recent article entitled ‘India’s Surprising Economic Miracle’ illustrated to me the importance of demographics and living standards as limitations to the potential fiscal growth of nations; as a result, I have undertaken further research and become familiar with key texts by Smith, Mankiw, Pennant Rae and Crook. I also subscribe to several well-regarded blogs. Frequent attendance of public lectures held at the L.S.E., however, has afforded me a firsthand view of the type of academic content that I can expect at degree level. My application to your course is therefore supported by an unusually good working knowledge of many fascinating economics issues including managing natural resources, industrial productivity and domestic resource mobilisation. Proactive in gaining practical work experience, I particularly enjoyed my time as promoter for London’s largest music events agency targeting under-18s. Working efficiently within a team, I was responsible for delivering advertising through many innovative channels. Liaising with venues including the O2 arena and Ministry of Sound nightclubs, we employed diverse strategies, including discount deals, in creating sales hype. As an individual, I achieved the highest level of sales in the company’s history. This came about, interestingly, through my love for mathematics and statistical analysis, allowing me to apply game theory practically in my workplace. I initiated a scheme whereby the two main London promotions firms organised events according to a joint schedule, maximising sales due to reduction in competition. I am passionate about game theory after this experience and since completing Martin J. Osbourne’s introductory text. I am also interested in the aspects of macroeconomic policy included in your course, as my recent ‘extended project’ centred on this subject; I proposed a number of specialised policies for the P.I.I.G.S. to adopt in order to boost Europe’s economy.

Part of the Gifted and Talented scheme and the recipient of many academic prizes, I have also met with success in the renowned national Maths Challenges. Active in wider school life, I have developed excellent interpersonal abilities through involvement in the school council dating back to first year and culminating in my election as its deputy head. Having done much debating and presenting on the behalf of fellow pupils, the posts of peer supporter and mentor have allowed me further opportunity to help overcome pastoral problems or academic issues. Similarly, my roles as a senior army cadet and former scout have exercised my natural talents as a leader and motivator. With a positive, dynamic attitude that has helped me to rise to become Head Boy of my college, I am determined to set a confident yet conscientious example and have honed my existing strengths to maturity. To achieve balance, I also enjoy hobbies including cooking, reading and fundraising for charity. A dedicated martial artist and runner, my proficiency at swimming saw me offered a place on a prestigious local team; however, I declined in order to commit fully to exam studies. Such is my dedication to building a successful academic future, with top graduating grades and significant expertise. My ideal route even involves work at an investment bank’s graduate scheme during university breaks. Ultimately, my goal is to sit on the Monetary Policy Committee or achieve a government position influencing economic decisions. Enrolling on your course, however, presents the crucial first step in fulfilling my true potential.


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