Business Management Postgraduate Personal Statement

Having gained both academic and employment experience within international imports and exports, I have become keen to improve my knowledge of the field in order gain the necessary management and entrepreneurial skills to one day own my own company. With this final goal in mind I have worked hard throughout my academic studies to gain not only a broad knowledge of business practices but also to focus my studies on the relevant areas. It is this combination of academic ability and a focused determination to achieve my ultimate goals that will ensure I adopt a dedicated approach in future study. I have already proven myself capable of undertaking successful academic study both in India and in the UK. Beginning a degree in Business Management at Vidyalankar College, I laid an excellent foundation across all aspects of the field, including modules in the economic, communication and legal knowledge necessary for successful management. I supplemented the skills and knowledge learnt in India with a 1-year conversion course at Sheffield Hallam University. While also offering the opportunity to gain a greater depth of knowledge in the those areas related to international management, such as emerging markets and business within the European Union, this experience also offered an opportunity to experience living and studying within the UK. While there were some minor issues adjusting to certain differences between the two university systems, the differences in examination procedure being one, my time studying in Sheffield has allowed me the opportunity to iron these out and I feel confident that I can gain the same strong marks that I demonstrated throughout my coursework across all work in future.

My university experiences developed a life-long love of learning that has allowed me to excel in all fields. A strong student at school, I was invited to meet with the then President of India as a result of exam performance. I have also gained Dale Carnegie certificates in Interpersonal Skills, Personality Development and Excellence in Public Speaking, all key in future personnel management. An interest in IT, and its role in business, led to me gaining certificates in a range of programming languages and accruing a high-level of competency that should help me in further study and beyond.

Alongside my academic achievements, I have also gained significant work experience that has enabled me to gain a ‘hands-on’ view of my chosen field. Working between March 2007 and July 2009 for Phoolchand, Bhagatsingh and Siddarth shipping services, I have a proven track record as a clearing and forwarding agent and an import and export executive within the international freight industry. Co-ordinating both shipping and personnel across multiple branches and international contexts has instilled in me the importance of successful communication, interpersonal skills, information technology and a meticulous attention to detail that should all prove key to future success both within further study and employment in the field.

Outside of work and study, my obsession with international business manifests itself through regular reading of a range of related newspapers and books. I am also a keen sportsman and captained my school Cricket Team for a number of years. The importance of teamwork and strong leadership in sport has continually motivated me to utilise these well-developed skills within a business and academic context.

As a hardworking student with a strong track record of performing to a high-level in multiple international contexts, I believe that I have what it takes to become a truly effective, inspired MSc student. In addition, my employment experience within the field, and desire to see the theoretical knowledge I accrue put into practice will ensure that I dedicate myself to equipping myself with the skills to negotiate the fast-paced, ever-changing global marketplace to achieve my goals in academia and beyond.


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