Business Personal Statement

My interest in the business world has developed partly out of my successful A-level courses in Business Studies, and partly from work experience in the field which I found fascinating and very much in line with my own personal ambitions.  From childhood I have wanted to run my own business and be an entrepreneur, and I am eager to learn much more about the world of finance, commerce and accounting in order to understand the way national economies work and plan the part I might play in this system.  I am keen too to exercise my own talents, and to demonstrate that with hard work and native ability I can achieve what I hope for.  I should like to work in a major company in the finance and accounting sector, and thus be at the heart of a great commercial enterprise, working in a highly respected profession such as accounting. I understand the complexities of the course and career I hope to pursue, and the responsibility which lies on the shoulders of the finance manager in a big organisation.  I need to know about the taxation laws in the country in which I am operating, about data processing systems available to the accountant, and the controls he can use to safeguard assets.  Often the finance manager can be faced with very complex problems and needs highly developed analytical skills.  He needs to be able to solve problems quickly and calmly, working under considerable pressure.  His clients will depend on him as they do their legal advisers.  I look forward to learning about the principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics, about the ways financial markets work, and about corporate finance and investment.  The accountant’s role in managerial decision-making is increasingly important, and I should like to learn more about organisational structures, the handling of human resources in a business, the role of technology in commerce, copy rights and property rights, and much more.  It is a fascinating and varied world, and the career prospects are very exciting.

My work experience has given me a taste of the commercial world.  I undertook a placement at Natwest Bank, which included assisting the manager in the achievement of sales targets, tracking the sales made by customer advisers, speaking to customers and explaining the bank’s various financial products, dealing with complaints, loading the ATM and responding to enquiries.  My experience at the bank convinced me that this is the world I should like to spend my career in.  I have also worked for an estate agent, advising and assisting customers, and as a meetings and events manager in a big London hotel.  I work as a volunteer police cadet with the Metropolitan Police, which I feel has given me maturity and discipline.  It has helped me to understand how society functions, given me some knowledge of law, helped me to work with others and developed my leadership skills.  I am working towards a Duke of Edinburgh award here.  Evidence of my success is the fact that I have been appointed head cadet for the near future.  Similarly, my A-level Business Studies teacher has shown his faith in my abilities by giving me the job of mentor to an AS group, helping younger students with their studies and guiding them in their approach to examinations.

I follow business matters closely in the daily press, and I enjoy debating economic questions with my teachers.  I believe that my communication skills are excellent, which I have demonstrated in my dealings with customers in my work experience placements. I am a confident individual, with strong creative powers, and I learn new skills very quickly.  I listen carefully and in a very focussed manner to instructions, and rapidly understand how to work on my own initiative.  At the same time I enjoy working with others in a group.  My academic record is strong, and I am a dedicated and diligent worker.  I feel that I can make a great success of my planned career and of a degree course, and I hope you will consider my application.


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