Biochemistry Personal Statement

The physiology of the human body has always intrigued me. All living organisms are made up of a collection of cells and chemical reactions, and the study of these processes are integral in gaining an understanding of how we live, die and may intervene. It was a placement shadowing a clinical psychiatrist which most inspired me to discover how neurological conditions occur, manifest and may be treated; the impact of neurological health on quality of life is fundamental and thus I am particularly interested in neuroscience as a specialism. I have undertaken research and work experience to inform my choice and am now only further motivated by the exciting possibilities of Biochemistry as a career path.  

The brain is one of the most complex systems in nature, and new discoveries about its workings are constant. Models such as the Human Genome Sequence have shed light on the evolution of homo sapiens and yet our evolutionary biology is still not wholly understood; I was struck by recent research published in The Scientist into the frontal cortex’s genetic construction, revealing that the human brain’s divergence from mammals’ is primarily manifested by its more recent evolution. I am also completing an EPQ on advances in Nanomedicine, mainly in drug delivery and disease management. I have found this very useful in developing my knowledge of molecular biology, as Nanomedicine offers a new generation of medical technology and therapies: through the complex engineering of nano devices, drugs can be administered most effectively. The potential of use of nanotechnology in oncological treatment and research, for example through use of nanorobots, particularly motivates me as the rate and efficiency of treatment is instrumental in patient recovery. I subscribe to journals including the BMJ and New Scientist, which constantly underline the unprecedented technological advances within science that would make the study of Biochemistry so exciting at this time.


At a local hospital last summer, I shadowed a vascular consultant for a week and observed various surgical procedures. Vascular conditions in particular require prevention as well as intervention, and the doctors’ responsibility to inform their patients of healthy lifestyles to this end, was evident, as well as the need to constantly apply critical skills and broad knowledge to treat emergencies. I now volunteer at the hospital each week and have enjoyed developing relationships with other staff and the patients. I currently work as a sales assistant at Lloyd’s Pharmacy, which has expanded my knowledge of pharmaceuticals and the importance of addressing each customer’s individual needs through effectively transmitting and gaining information.  I am also studying a Pharmacy Medicines Counter Assistant program to develop my understanding of the chemical constructions and applications of the drugs I work with.

I enjoy teamwork and developing my personal skillset. As Events Organiser and Head of Student  Parliament at my college I lead others and make a real contribution to the community, which I find extremely rewarding. I have also gained a Bronze DofE and Functional Skills Level 2 in ICT. The DofE expedition taught me stamina, self-motivation and how to effectively support others to achieve a challenging goal, and these are paramount in a scientific career. My ICT qualification has enhanced my abilities in computing and, given the technological side of Biochemistry, this will also be beneficial. In my spare time I enjoy playing cricket and rugby to relieve stress.

I look forward to a career which offers a constant learning curve and a genuine chance to help others through expertise and dedication. I am excited for the opportunity to help construct a more nuanced view of human anatomy and physiology in order to forge new frontiers in medicine, treatment and quality of life for people around the world, and feel that the rewards of this work far outweigh the challenges I will face.



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