Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Coming from China, a rapidly changing economy, the importance of financial acumen and reforms to improve national security, productivity and society are clear; and having finished my education in Singapore, a country underpinned by exports, I have also seen the impact of the global economic crisis on international trade. Key sectors which previously boomed, such as electronics and pharmaceuticals, have experienced lower demand and thus the firms have necessarily contracted to avoid sinking under their losses. I have always been interested in starting a business, but in the current climate the importance of effective financial management is paramount and I feel the study of Accounting and Finance would be invaluable in a future management career. Without accountancy and a grip on finances, no business can function effectively, and the impact on customers, staff and the wider economy can be devastating. I am thus keen to enter the second year of a degree course on completion of my Business and Foundation diploma at Bellersby College, which has given me a strong foundation in the logical, numerical and analytical skills required to become a financial professional.

Mathematical skill is thus perhaps the most important in any industry. I won 3rd place in my province's Olympic Mathematics competition in China, and at school in Singapore I excelled in Maths and Additional Maths, due to my natural aptitude for numeracy. Understanding complex theories and concepts in English, my second language, as part of my General Certificate was challenging, but proved that mathematics is a discipline which underpins our world regardless of language barriers, due to its representation of abstract concepts through figures and expressions. I was thus inspired to study in Britain for my Business Foundation Course during 2011, which allowed me to focus my skills on financial areas such as Accounting, Business Maths and Pure Maths, as well as improving my English through intensive study. I gained excellent results across my modules, including a 95% in Business Maths, 97% in Pure Maths and a high final average with Distinction. I regularly read The Financial Times and The Times to improve my English and knowledge of current international affairs, and particularly enjoy keeping up with the developments in Chinese and Singaporean economies. Undoubtedly, my mathematical ability and business awareness will serve me well on my chosen degree course and I have already gained so much both academically and socially from my studies in the UK.

My activities in the past few years have also helped to make me a more rounded individual. I enjoyed working with others as part of my school's Chinese Orchestra, where I headed the Cello team from 2006-2009 alongside my studies, and gained the Singapore Youth Excellence Award in 2007, having spent time volunteering in my local community with elderly people and other vulnerable groups. Social awareness only underlines the importance of preserving society and avoiding future devastating crises, and inspired me further to gain the skills to uphold this security in the financial sector. I was able to develop my ability to communicate with others through public speaking competitions including the 2nd YMCA Mandarin Speaking Awards (merit), and having gained work experience in a large shopping centre, the importance of these skills in a business setting were evident. In my spare time, I love music and playing the cello, having gained a Silver at the Singapore Youth Central Judging Competition in both 2007 and 2009.

With the skills gained from this degree and further experience of studying and living in a new culture, I will be in a position to achieve my business ambitions. I look forward to the challenges ahead and hope to expand my reach globally to maximize business profit through the opportunities of an international economy and market, with a focus on reformed practices and a responsible approach to financial business.

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