Accountancy Personal Statement

The principal inspiration behind my plan to study for a degree in accountancy is my father, who, as a successful businessman, is the model on which I build my all my career ambitions.  Equally important is my own aptitude for mathematics and the pleasure I take in the intellectual challenge posed by number problems and the question of finding solutions to them.  A degree in accounting is the necessary basis for my ambition to run my own company when I return to my homeland of China after graduation.  The Chinese economy continues to grow at an unprecedented rate and the opportunities for the efficient and well-trained businessman are almost unlimited.  I am very aware of the way that the role of accountants has developed so rapidly in recent years, and that they now play an increasingly important part in the management process in large firms. I understand the responsibilities inherent in the job, and that companies depend on the advice of their accountants in the same way they trust in their lawyers.  I am very much attracted by the demand for extreme accuracy and close attention to detail, which I believe are true aspects of my own personality and approach to work.  I have excellent problem-solving skills and analytical ability and enjoy confronting problems and finding original ways through their complexities.  I work at my best under pressure and take pride in responding to challenges.  I know too that the accountant’s body of working knowledge must be very wide as well as totally accurate, that he or she must master tax laws and regulations and always be alert to changes, and that this is even more the case when working internationally.  Despite the challenges, I would gain great personal satisfaction from being a member of such a respected profession and playing my part in the workings of a great corporation. At present my main ambitions tend towards management accountancy, dealing with a company’s financial information, but I am also interested in other areas, such as consulting and offering advice to firms on appropriate accounting methods and ways of safeguarding assets.  Public accountancy is also interesting, with its wide range of clients, as is the area dealing with bankruptcy and liquidation.  The subject interests me in all its forms, and I am always keen to keep abreast of new developments, reading the financial press and media and following the Economics Channel on the television.

I have worked in my father’s company, which has been an excellent introduction to the world of work and given me a useful taste of the sorts of pressures encountered in business.  At school I was able to develop leadership skills through music, where I led a singing group which represented my school in competition in Shanghai.  We won second place over all.  I enjoy travelling, encountering different cultures and coming to understand how people behave and think in other parts of the world.

I believe my colleagues regard me as extremely approachable and responsive.  I am dependable, hard-working and always focused on the task in hand. I enjoy working with others in a team, but also have the confidence in my own judgement to be happy to take responsibility for my own decisions and actions when working alone.  My communication skills are good.  Chinese is my mother tongue but I have good and increasingly fluent English, and firmly believe in the importance of languages in an increasingly international world.  I take great delight in the thought that as a fully qualified accountant I would be an expert in a complex and regulated filed and could serve the vital needs of private individuals, investors, company managers and those who make important decisions.  My commitment to my chosen subject is total and I believe I have the qualities which are essential to become a very successful undergraduate.



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