Platinum Personal Statement

Platinum Personal Statement

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Written Personal Statements


The Directors Option is the highest level of service we offer. It offers unlimited changes during your service period and guaranteed excellence. The Director Option also ensures that all writers have a minimum of 10 years' experience giving you the best chance of securing your first choice place.

Senior Writing Specialist

Our Senior Writer Option will give you a writing specialist with years' of experience in academic applications.

CV Editing

We will offer a full CV rewrite and edit as an additional extra included in your service if selected.

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Our Platinum service takes the stress and anxiety out of writing your personal statement by producing one for you, based on the information you send us via a questionnaire. Our writers are experts at picking up on details, analysing content and cross-referencing. This means they can produce personal, accurate and quality statements for you.

This Service Includes:

A bespoke personal statement that clearly sets out your strengths, motivation and achievements to the admissions tutors.

Help from professional writers with considerable experience in creating first-rate personal statements.

A well-written statement based on the details we receive in the simple questionnaire we send to you.

A  fast turnaround time to ensure you meet UCAS and other application deadlines

A one-time edit option within a week of receiving your written statement.

Our platinum service is perfect for those who know that they have what it takes to thrive on their chosen course, but who have also been struggling with the personal-statement writing process.

All you need to do is fill in our short and simple questionnaire, and our team of professional writers will take care of the rest. With years of experience in helping people get a place at university, they will draw on their considerable expertise and writing skills to create a bespoke personal statement based on your personal information that will be well written, logically organized and able to explain both your motivation for your chosen course and the relevance of your studies, work experience and extracurricular activities to your application. Or, to put it another way, when a busy admissions tutor reads your statement it will immediately stand out from all of the hundreds of thousands of others by clearly articulating your suitability for the course.

The platinum service is ideal for the majority of both undergraduate and postgraduate course applications. If, however, you are applying for the most competitive courses—typically those that have an earlier UCAS deadline—you may want to consider our Oxbridge service.